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Within school we have a group of POWER Cadets. Their role is linked to a POWER project which school has taken part in for the past two years. The aim of the project is to work with schools and other learning environments in the region to help children and young people, parents, carers and professionals have access to quality Esafety Education Provision.

The POWER Cadet programme is a student-led online safety programme. Its aim is to train children to lead in online safety in their own school environment. For more information about the project and Esafety please click on the link;


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What is POWER?


P: Participate ~ To help all to use the Internet in a safe and positive way


O: Online ~ Using the Internet postively, understanding how

the Internet works


W: Wisdom ~ Making wise choices and decisions, knowing when to ask for help


E: Empower ~ To react to things we see in a sensible way and understand what we might have to deal with online


R: Responsible ~ Realising our own behaviour and activity online and taking responsibility for what we do.



As our previous POWER Cadets have left to attend secondary school, we have recently selected a new group of children. 


Meet our POWER Cadets

Picture 1

The Power Cadets delivered their half-termly assembly this week and based it on safe gaming. They explained that an organisation called Pegi test every game to decide who it is suitable for, and they told us why we shouldn’t play games which are not aimed at our age group. The cadets also talked about how some people online are not who they say they are, and that it is just safer only to talk to people we know in real life. 


Mrs. Dobbin also taught us a rhyme to help us remember to be safe online: 

‘Billy, Billy, Billy! Don’t be silly! Always tell an adult!’ 

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