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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2nd Half


Our topic has been ‘Worldwide Tales’ and we invited Kuda who lived in Zimbabwe to come and talk to us about her experiences in Africa.  Kuda taught us a song and dance called ‘Making Melodies’, which involved us using some very unusual dance moves.


We read the story books ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and drew our favourite wild animal from the stories using oil pastels. 

We also read an information book about Bonfire Night and built our own bonfire from autumn leaves.  Guy Fawkes came to visit us to see our bonfire but we are not certain that he was impressed.  It could be something to do with the fact his cunning plan did not come to fruition.  We celebrated the festival by watching fireworks on screen, whilst sipping chocolate milkshake and eating Parkin cake.  We created our own fireworks pictures which are displayed in our classroom.

The Clever Kittens have been getting into the festive spirit and have made the home corner into the Christmas home corner.  The dining table has been set-up with the traditional turkey, Yorkshire puddings, carrots and the must-have sprouts.


We have been learning about 2D shapes and talking about their properties.  We painted snowmen pictures using, circles, squares, triangles and stars. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Our parents/carers have also joined in the celebrations by helping the Clever Kittens to practise their cutting skills to make a silver and gold collage for their Home Learning, which has also been put on display.


This year we have used our pencil skills to draw a robin on our Christmas cards.  They look amazing!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Autumn Term 1st Half


The Clever Kittens have now settled well into their exciting adventures of school life at Redscope.


Our first topic theme has been ‘Marvellous Me’ and we explored all about our feelings through the book ‘The Colour Monster’.   We mixed colours together to make new colours to paint a Colour Monster and we also molded clay with our fingers to create our own 3D Colour Monster. 


We looked in the mirror and used our fine manipulative skills and used tools and techniques to craft our own portrait. They are all mounted on display in our classroom.


We went on an Autumn walk to Barker’s Park.  On our walk we had the opportunity to notice different aspects of the outdoor environment in our local area and changes in the season.   We found brown, orange, red leaves, conkers, acorns and all natural materials we could use to create an Autumn collage.  We also had a ‘listening moment’ to listen for sounds around us whilst walking in the woods.  We tried to name and describe the sounds we heard to help us in our phonics learning. We could hear the birds tweeting and the wind making the leaves on the trees rustle.  We used our senses to notice different sights, sounds and smells.


We have loved listening to stories in different places around us, in the classroom, at the park, outside and Everyone Reading a story In Class (ERIC).


 Look at the pictures of our first adventures.