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Autumn Term

Autumn 2nd Half


We have enjoyed a really busy, but very exciting half term in F2. Through reading and sharing some of our own traditional tales, such as The Gingerbread man, we have not only learned the stories but also been involved in activities like making and decorating our own yummy gingerbread men! Other cultures also have traditional tales and we shared the story Chapatti Moon which linked us to India and we found out about similarities and differences in our culture and that of India, looking at clothes, buildings and animals, plus we got to sample some delicious Indian food! Divali and Bonfire Night have some similarities that we discovered, especially fireworks, so we had great fun creating ‘firework splatter patterns’ onto large sheets of material outside as well as making bright and colourful clay divas.

Christmas is a very important Christian festival so we found out how Christmas is celebrated around the world, as well as learning the traditional Nativity story.

Our Maths learning has included working on the composition of numbers and amounts, how many different ways we can make one amount, for example, how many ways can you make 8? There has been lots of singing number rhymes and songs that has helped us to place numbers in the right order as well as thinking about one more and one less.

2D and 3D shape activities have had us all busy, especially thinking about what real objects we know that may be a cube, or a sphere, or a different shape.

Our classroom learning continued outside where we have looked for, or created, numbers, amounts, shapes and patterns. Through drama and role play we acted out stories that we have shared inside as well as having our very own ‘Rainbow Beauticians’ and then Santa’s Workshop to keep us busy learning together through play.

Autumn 1st Half


Our F2's have had a fabulous start to their first full term at Redscope school and we are very proud of the progress they have made. We have been trying very hard to learn and remember our phase 2 sounds. These are the first letter sounds we learn and getting to know them helps us read. The tricky next step is blending the sounds together to make words but we have been playing lots of games to help us. We practise writing our names every day and are learning to form new letter sounds too. 


This term has all been about ourselves. We have got to know each other in our bubbles and all about how we are different and the same. We have learned about our bodies, how to keep them healthy and what different parts of our body is called. We have had lots of fun using ours senses to explore different things and our environment. The highlight was a trip to Barkers Park to see all the wonders of nature in the Autumn. 


In maths we have learned our numbers within 10 and all the different ways we can see numbers. We are now fantastic at subitising!

We have looked at patterns and positional language and finished the week off with a treasure hunt. 


For Black History Month we learned about Ashley Banjo and Diversity and have been fascinated by their dance videos. We have tried to copy their groovy moves in our Go noodle sessions. 


The children have settled fantastically we are so proud of them all and can't wait for some more super learning next term