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Autumn Term

We have been so pleased to welcome back our year 1 pupils. They have settled in really well and adapted quickly to our new ways of doing things. We have been focussing on learning about ourselves this half term as well autumn and types of trees.


In maths we have been reinforcing our knowledge of numbers 0-20 and beyond. We have used lots of different objects to count and have been practising reading and writing these numbers too. We have found what one more and one less of a given number was and sometimes used a 100 square to help us with this. We are currently focussing on number bonds to 5, 10 and 20 which will provide children with a secure understanding of adding numbers which they will use throughout their journey through school. We are using lots of concrete equipment and pictures to help us.


During phonics we have recapped phase 3 and now moved onto phase 4. We have been doing lots of reading and writing of CVCC words. This has helped children to sound out words during their writing.


We have been focussing on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to write sentences. We started off by writing sentences about the children when they were babies. They enjoyed reflecting upon what they were like as babies!


During this half term we went on a local walk to Barkers Park to do a leaf hunt. We saw lots of different types of leaves and even saw a squirrel! When we got back, we wrote a recount of what we had done. We also drew and coloured the leaves we had found using the watercolour pencils. The children are now able to distinguish between evergreen and deciduous trees and have learnt about the functions of the different parts of the tree.