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Autumn Term

We’ve had a fantastic start to the year. The children have come back to school eager to learn and have produced some excellent learning in the eight weeks that we have been in Year Six.


Broken- Rock, Paper, Scissors

As a reintroduction back to school, the children watched a short animated video clip that was used as a stimulus for discussion about character relationships and emotions. The children used this as a basis for writing a story and producing their own artwork. The writing and artwork that has been displayed around school has had many positive comments and some children earned their pen licences whilst completing their final drafts!



Jim Dine Artwork

In the first two weeks of term, Year 6 studied the work of Jim Dine- an artist famous for conveying emotions. This linked perfectly to our Broken work and the children enjoyed creating pieces of art using various media in the style of Jim Dine. We also created our birds for “The Flock” using Jim Dine as inspiration.

The Titanic

For the last six weeks, we have been studying The Titanic and linking our history, English and science learning around this topic. We have been studying the book “Kasper Prince of Cats” by Michael Morpurgo and are using other books by the same author as inspiration for our corridor this term. Thank you to all children and families that are reading at least three times per week. Our Reading Reward chart is filling up fast and children who have their name on the chart at least five times will look forward to receiving a class reward of their choice! Reading regularly does made a massive difference and helps so much in all aspects of learning.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the facts of the sinking of the ship to produce a newspaper report and have written letters and diaries imagining that they were passengers on board the ship. In science, we have been recapping our understanding of forces and will be focussing our learning next half term on buoyancy.

We have been very impressed with the learning that children have produced in class and we have been as equally impressed with some of the home learning that has been produced. It is so lovely to see that families have worked together on Titanic based projects!

Spreadsheets in Computing

Over the half term, the children are becoming more confident in spreadsheet use and how useful they can be! They have been working hard with Mr Jordan to understand the vocabulary linked to this learning and have even been tackling applying formulas to cells. Next half term, they will be applying this understanding to look at passenger information from the Titanic.


Over the last few weeks, the children have building on the knowledge that they acquired in Year 5 and have been enjoying music sessions with Mrs Daws. They have been learning about the parts of the ukulele and have listened well to instructions given to be able to play a range of notes, applying the understanding to various songs and musical performances! We are hoping that the children will be able to share their skills with you at some point in the future.