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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1st Half

The children have settled well into year 1 and have had a really successful half term. This half term, we have focussed our learning around two mini topics; Ourselves and Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


In English, we have written about ourselves as babies, using our own photos as a prompt. The children really enjoyed reflecting on themselves as babies! We have been focussing on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to write sentences.


During this half term, we also went on a local walk to Barkers Park to do a leaf hunt. We saw lots of different types of leaves and even saw some woodland wildlife like squirrels! When we got back, we wrote a recount of what we had done.


Linking to science, children are now able to distinguish between evergreen and deciduous trees and have learnt about the functions of the different parts of the tree. In art, we painted deciduous trees with their leaves turning yellow and orange and falling off.


We have started a new maths scheme this year called Power Maths. This half term, our learning has revolved around numbers from 0-10 and our emphasis has been on the mastery. The children have learnt to read and write numbers from 0-10. We have looked at pictorial representations; found one more and one less; using a number line and used the language of equal to, more than and less than.