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Autumn Term

In the first weeks of this Autumn Term we have spent time settling into our new classroom and getting used to coming to school full time. The children have been brilliant and have really adapted well. This term our topic has been This Is Me. We have looked at how unique and important we all are. We compared similarities and differences between ourselves and labeled the parts of our body.


We found out about our 5 senses and went on a listening walk. We enjoyed a lovely walk to the park to look at the changing seasons and found our class bears in the woods. We also tasted a selection of fruits to tickle our taste buds.




In the last few weeks we considered our feelings and compared them to colours using the story 'The Colour Monster'. This lead us to the artist Rothko who paints using emotions inspired by children's art work. This allowed us to work on our colour mixing and develop our painting skills. We have done lots of beautiful singing and talked about our hopes and dreams. Finally we looked at friendship when our little stranger arrived. We looked at how to make new people feel welcome through the story 'The Suitcase' and we ended the term with a little friendship party.





In Maths we have been developing a solid understanding of the numbers to 10, ordering and counting and we have begun our journey towards a deep understanding of addition. We have talked about 2D and 3D shapes, looking at their properties and making pictures and models using them. 





In phonics we have been covering phase 2, learning 23 letters of the alphabet and the tricky words.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the sponsored walk and raised lots of money for next terms pantomime trip. We can't wait for wait for what Autumn 2 has in store and we can already hear the faint sound of sleigh bells.