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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1st Half


The Clever Kittens have now settled well into their exciting adventures of school life at Redscope.


Our first topic theme has been ‘This is Me’ and we explored all about our feelings through the book ‘The Colour Monster’. We mixed colours together to make new colours to paint a Colour Monster. We also moulded clay with our hands and fingers to create a 3D Colour Monster.


We looked in the mirror and used our fine manipulative skills and used tools and techniques to craft our own portrait. They are all mounted on display in our classroom, but don’t worry, they will be coming home.


We went on an Autumn walk to Barker’s Park. On our walk we had the opportunity to notice different aspects of the outdoor environment in our local area and changes in the season. We found brown, orange, red leaves, conkers, acorns and all natural materials we could use to create an Autumn collage. We also had a ‘listening moment’ to listen for sounds around us whilst walking in the woods. We tried to name and describe the sounds we heard to help us in our phonics learning. We could hear the birds tweeting and the wind making the leaves on the trees rustle. We used our senses to notice different sights, sounds and smells.


In the whole school conservation week, the Clever Kittens learnt a new word ‘pollution’. We read the book ‘Little Turtle Turns the Tide’ and found out that by picking up our rubbish at the beach and riversides and putting it in the bin, we can keep our fish and animals safe. We have drawn some amazing sea creatures swimming in a clean ocean.


In the final week, we had a special visit from the Dentist and Dental Nurses from Kimberworth Dental Practice to teach us how to look after our teeth. We now know that we should brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes, after breakfast and before going to bed. We also need to eat healthily to keep our teeth healthy.


Look at the pictures of our first adventures