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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2nd Half


It has been an excellent term in Year 4. We have seen children develop their resilience and perseverance, as well as many new skills. The Year 4 team are very impressed with how children have continued to follow routines and shown that they are all true Redscope learners with their attitude and enthusiasm to all school has to offer!


For the first part of this half term, we have focused on the topic of sound. We have enjoyed learning a variety of English genres including ‘The Sound Collector poem’ and ‘Instruments of the Orchestra’. We have also learned lots of new facts about sound, how sound travels and how the ear works in Science lessons.


We have continued with our new Power Maths scheme in maths. The children have shown a lot of resilience while getting to grips with this new way of teaching and learning, and are raising to the challenge. We have have continued to develop the skills of bar modelling to add and subtract, missing number problems, word problems and reasoning. They have grown in confidence at working independently and are becoming much more confident at applying their new maths skills in other areas.


In art, we have developed our observational skills. We have sketched pictures of features and flowers, after practising our sketching techniques. Children have used sketch pencil and oil pastel techniques to blend and shade to add depth and 3-dimensions. They have tried hard to take care with new techniques to support making their own Christmas cards and calendars. The outcomes have been fabulous!


We have continued to enjoy Ukulele sessions this term. Children can now play a range of melodies and know many notes. They also learnt some Christmas songs, which sounded wonderful.


We have been very proud of the children’s achievements this half term and how they have continued to develop as Year 4 pupils. We can’t wait for the next term and to continue our Year 4 journey with Class 9 and 10.

Autumn Term 1st Half


Year 4 have made a great start to the school year. At the start of the year we read a book called Colly's Barn. Our corridor was transformed into a barn to immerse the children in their learning. 


We have learnt about Great British birds that we see in our garden and produced excellent non-chronological reports about them. We now have some exceptional bird experts. During out visit to Austerfield Study Centre, many children spotted their focus birds and were excited to see them in their natural habitat. The children were really excited to get back to out-of-class learning and their behaviour was impeccable throughout the day.


This year, we have introduced a new maths scheme called Power Maths. The children have become familliar with new characters and embraced a new way of working. The children are enjoying their practice books and are beginning to develop their reasoning skills. We are using a variety of models and physical resources to help with our learning. Alongside this, the children have also been practising their timestbles on TT Rockstars. This will prepare the children for their test in the summer term.


Throughout this half term, Year 4 have been developing their art skills and have fully embraced 'Arty Friday'. The children are learning to look more closely at objects and have developed shading techniques which help to show different textures. The children are also experimenting with other mediums such as clay and paint. They have produced clay hedgehogs and learnt about how to protect them in the wild as part of our end of term conservation project.


The children have been very lucky to receive specialist music teaching and are enjoying learning how to play the ukuleles. The progress which both classes have made is extremely impressive. The children have retained lots of skills from previous sessions in Year 3 and this has impressed all involved. 


Every Friday, Year 4 have PE. The children are learning to improve their stamina by completing a mile of running, jogging or walking. Many children are trying hard to improve their personal bests week on week. We have also been developing our gymnastic skills and have been working with partners to create short sequences of movement. 


Our reading challenge has inspired so many children to get reading and even try books that they may not have chosen before. It has been so lovely to hear families sharing the stories with each other and listening to the children discuss their favourite parts. This will last the entire year so there is no rush to complete them all in this term. 


The staff are so impressed with the children in Year 4 and look forward to seeing how they progress throughout the year. Well done everyone!