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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2nd Half


Another exciting half term in year3!


We began our Polar regions topic by exploring the Polar regions and locating the North and South Poles on a map. In English the children completed research about polar bears. They learnt about the food they eat; their habitats and how polar bears look after their cubs. The children then worked hard using a story map to learn a non-chronological report about polar bears before using this model to write their own report about Emperor penguins. 


In mathematics, the children have continued to develop skills in addition and subtraction. They have completed formal written column methods for addition and subtraction and are gaining confidence in applying these methods to problem solving. #


In science, the children learnt about forces and magnets. They explored how things move, what speeds things up and slows things down as well as learning how a magnet works. Through this exploration the children learned new scientific vocabulary including the terms of attraction and repelling. 


In art, they explored the tones of a colour and shapes and then applied these skills to complete a poinsettia picture for their Christmas cards. 


Year 3 ended the term with a wonderful outdoor carol concert, learning and performing song for parents. 

Autumn Term 1st Half


In Year 3, we began the term with a movie afternoon, watching the film ‘Charlotte’s Web’ that led us into our topic of food and farming.  


In English, the children wrote setting and character descriptions based on images from the film. They developed and used a broad range of adjectives to describe the fairground, dump and barn. In addition to this, the children used various sources to find out about spiders, including habitats, food and appearance. After collecting this information, the children wrote non-chronological reports to inform others in school.  


In mathematics, the children have worked hard with the new Power Maths scheme, which has given them the opportunity to explore the structure of numbers within 1000. We focused on place value, learning the value of each digit in a 3-digit number. The children learnt how to use the symbols for less than, greater than and equals before applying this knowledge to compare and order numbers.  


In science, we began to learn about Healthy eating. As part of this unit, we visited New Hall Farm in Barnsley where the children were able to experience a working farm. They found out how wheat and barley were grown and ground their own wheat into four. The children also enjoyed picking blackberries and looking for worms. They were surprised to find out why worms are one of the most important creatures at the farm. The children also had the opportunity to explore how a combine harvester works and they all sat in the farm tractor.  


In art, the children have explored a range of pencil skills. They experimented making different shades, tones and textures and then applied these skills to drawing. They then applied these skills when they drew a range of fruit.  


We ended the term with a whole school conservation topic. In year 3, we adopted a panda and found out about endangered animals from around the world. The children then made amazing posters about pandas and these were shared in assembly.  


The children have made an amazing start to Year 3 and we are so proud of their effort and enthusiasm for learning!