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Autumn Term

Autumn 1st Half

Autumn 1 took us straight into talking about the wonders of the Autumn season. We had a walk to the woods at Barker's Park and looked at how the leaves had changed from green to beautiful colours of red, yellow, orange and brown. We enjoyed looking for conkers, sticks and other natural materials that we were able to use to make an Autumn Collage. 

For our home learning, the children created some wonderful Autumn collages, using the natural materials they had collected on walks with their families. Two of our Early Year children had a mention on the Sunday morning children's TV show, Milkshake for their creative work. 

In art and creativity, the children enjoyed making their own hedgehogs, using clay for the body and little sticks for the spikes. Once dried, they painted their hedgehogs. It was an exciting surprise when an actual hedgehog was discovered by one of our children hiding in the construction area. 

As part of our maths, we were learning to take part in finger rhymes with numbers. We learned lots of new songs such as Five Little Conkers as well as singing familiar songs Five Little Speckled Frogs. 


For our Literacy learning, the children enjoyed sharing books with adults and particularly enjoyed Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We talked about the different animals and the unusual colours they are in the story. 

We have also introduced our lending library this term, so the children can enjoy sharing books at home. 


For conservation week, we talked about growing our own fruit and vegetables and what we do to help them grow until they are ready to be picked and enjoyed to eat. 

To end the first half term, we enjoyed making and eating soup by scooping out a pumpkin and cooking it with other root vegetables such as carrots, parsnip and potatoes. We also made our own bread rolls to dip into the soup.