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Autumn Term

Autumn 2


In maths, we completed Power Maths Unit 3 on addition and subtraction. This unit allowed children to apply the formal methods of addition and subtraction to numbers with up to five digits. The range of problem solving questions we completed, including mentally, developed the children’s confidence and flexibility when exploring the most efficient ways to add and subtract. We also completed Unit 4, we applied our knowledge of place value and number operations to solve simple problems based on data presented in tables and line graphs. We then started our multiplication and division unit which has developed the children's understanding of multiples and factors, recognising what they are and how they are found.  


In English, we focused on a Talk for Writing unit that included a change. We looked at the text The Tunnel by Anthony Browne and the children used dialogue to convey a character toolkit to write their own story. Our second text was How to look after a pet dragon with a focus on instructions. Linked to the festive season, the children created their own instructions on how to look after an elf. 


In geography, we looked at mapping. The children learnt about what a map is and a scale and also learnt and developed the skills of reading four and six figure grid references.  


In art, we completed an art through technology unit. We worked in pairs to take a digital photograph of each other and then used software to alter and adapt it. We took inspirational from Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe pop art and using the photograph of themselves the children created a calendar in this pop art style.  We hope you enjoy displaying and using the calendars throughout the upcoming year. We have also developed our pastel blending skills to create some Tree-rific Christmas cards which we hope you enjoy receiving. 


We decided to decorate our Classroom tree through the creation of Reindeer candy cane inspired Christmas tree decorations. Within this DT topic the children designed an appealing product based on a simple design specification. They produced a detailed list of equipment and fabrics which they needed for the task and then selected the tools and equipment they would need. Finally, the children compared the final product to the original design specification and considered the views of others to improve my work. 


Christmas in school has been an eventful and fun experience for the children. They have worked hard to learn how to sign Little Donkey and songs for our Christmas concert. It was lovely to see so many families back in school enjoying the performance.  

Autumn 1 


All of the children were very excited to get back into school and begin Year 5, they have settled into the new routines very well.


In English, our first Talk for Writing unit had a focus of suspense. We looked at the text An Adventure at Sandy Cove and the children worked hard to create their own suspense toolkit, from the work we had completed, to write their own stories. Our second unit was a persuasion text for a Wizard School, using the tools for persuasion the children wrote their own adverts for a Leisure Centre. They had some great ideas for the facilities it should have and we’re sure you’d all be persuaded to go.

In maths, we spent time as a Class for the first week and then started work in our streamed groupings. We have completed our place value units, which covered knowing the value of each digit in numbers up to 1,000,000 and representing them in different ways, understanding rounding and partitioning numbers, appreciating that the combined parts must still be equivalent to the whole. Also, the children learnt how to apply their knowledge of place value and the number line to compare and order 4- and 5-digit numbers. Finally, they learnt how to identify the rules that govern number sequences and used this knowledge to complete them. We also had the excitement of our TTRockstar Day. The children looked fabulous in their outfits and enjoyed a TTRockstar battle between the other two schools within our academy.


In Science, our unit was Earth and Space. The children learnt how to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. They then moved on to understand the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies.  The children then used drama to act out how the Earth and Moon rotate around the sun. Finally, the children used the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky. We looked at the Scientist like me, Dr Sheila Kanani who is a planetary physicist.

In history, we completed our Tudors unit. The children worked very hard to learn our ‘5 Fingertip Facts’ and enjoyed our retrieval parts of the lessons where they could show what they had remembered. The children created a timeline of the 6 Tudor monarchs and learnt about The war of the Roses in 1485 and why the Tudor rose was created. They loved making Top Trump cards to remember facts about Henry VIII 6 wives. The children understand why Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church and created the Church of England. Finally, we looked at the roles of the men and women during Tudor times and the gruesome ways of punishment.

In music, the children thoroughly enjoyed our unit of work ‘Liven on a Prayer’. The children learnt how to find and keep an internal pulse and copy back rhythms and pitches. We also sang in unison with an awareness of being in tune and of other singers in the group.


In art, we have focused on the abstract work of artist Peter Thorpe and linked this with our science unit. The children used his technique of using left over paint to create a dramatic background. They then used watercolour pencils to design abstract space objects for the foreground of their artwork.

In PHSE, the children completed the unit - The caring school and bullying – pressure and risks. The focus was looking at healthy friendships and the importance of respecting others. The children also looked at the different types of bullying and the impact of it, responsibilities of bystanders and how to get help.


In RE, we have started our Autumn unit on ‘How do Christians use the bible?’ The children understand the meaning of sacred texts and know the six major religions of the world. We also looked at the importance of the Bible for the Christian religion. The children loved attending the local church for the Harvest Festival. It was so lovely to see our children in church after such a long absence due to Covid. The children learnt and performed a Harvest poem.


In Spanish, we looked at basic commands such as listen, sit, stand etc. The children really enjoyed playing Simon Says in Spanish. We then looked at naming animals and then moved on to naming the different parts of the body. The children have learnt how to sing ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish.


This term Year 5 have been very lucky and have spent their PE sessions with a PE coach from Rotherham United. The coach has delivered training which looked at team games with a particular focus on cricket. The children have worked hard to develop skills needed in team games focussing on the encouragement of each other and recognising individual talent looks different in different people.


We are looking forward to Autumn 2 and all of the excitement of the Christmas activities planned.