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Autumn Term

Our Autumm 2 term has been super busy.

We have had two exciting English units this half term. 

The children experienced their very own portal in the classroom and explored the different features of this type of text. We focused on the settings toolkit and developed our ability to use our senses to describe, practised using prepositional phrases and introduced the children to personification. The children then created an imaginative and exciting portal story of their own. 

For our next unit, Mrs Bradbury enlisted our help to catch a wolf that had been roaming around school! We have explored a variety of instructions, picking them apart and thinking about the word choices and organisational features. The children then used this knowledge to create their own set of instructions.


Our Science unit has been sound. We have explored how sound is created, how our ears work and how we create different pitches.


Our history unit this half term was the Anglo-Saxons which was kickstarted with an amazing hook day where the children were immersed in the topic. An outdoor specialist worked with the children and taught them how fires would have been made during the time period and how they would have chopped wood. The children also explored Anglo-Saxon artefacts, runes and practised weaving. The children have learnt about the tribes, why they came to England and the dates for Anglo Saxon English. We have been introduced to primary and secondary sources and why the reign came to an end. 


We have worked hard in maths recapping the perimeter and solving problems using these skills. We have begun our multiplication and division unit by looking at multiplying numbers by 10 and 100 and dividing by multiples of 10 and 100. We have also begun learning our 6 and 9 times tables. 


Our art unit this half term has focused on painting and our key artist has been Edvard Munch. We completed an artist study and learnt about why Edvard painted the way he did and learnt that he belonged to the impressionist movement. We explored tints and shades using paint and explored how to lighten and darken colours using black, white and other colours. We then applied all of this to our Christmas calendars. 


In RE, we continued learning about Hinduism with a focus on reincarnation. Our PSHE focused on anti bullying and how families can be different. In Spanish, we started learning the names for the different parts of the body.


Overall, the children have had a jam packed half term and lots of wonderful learning has taken place. This term finished with a wonderful Christmas carol concert in which every child sang their hearts out and did us proud. 


Autumn 1 


Year 4 have had the best start to the year. The children have settled beautifully and all risen to the challenges year 4 has thrown at them so far.


We kickstarted our maths by exploring place value and introducing four-digit numbers. We have done lots of problem solving within this. We have begun the times table journey with lots of enthusiasm and are enjoying completing our daily times table sessions. Times table bingo is our favourite at the moment.


We have learned lots of new grammar and punctuation rules in English and some of us are applying this into independent writing already. We are using commas for our fronted adverbial sand for subordination. After the tree giant trashed our classroom, we went on to learn lots of information about them and thought about why they had been to visit us. This promoted some fantastic innovations about mythical sea creatures.


Our Geography focus this half term has been on transportation and trade. The children have enjoyed using atlases to find the different countries we trade with and using google maps to explore the busiest ports in China. Ask your children to tell you our Geography fingertip facts! 


Science has been all about animals, including humans. We have explored our teeth and their function, completed a drama exercise detailing each stage of the digestive system and looked at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We have looked at food chains and the impact a deviation from the chain may have. 


Our key artist in art had been Charlotte Hannaford. She is known for creating beautifully detailed pencil sketches of animals. In our art sessions we have explored how to make different tones and tints with pencils and how to creature texture before using this to create a final animal.


We have been introduced to Hinduism in R.E. The children have learnt about Brahman, the one God, and how he is represented in different ways through deities. We have explored our own journeys in life and thought about our reason for being, known as a dharma. 


PSHE has focused on friendships. The children have defined a good friend, thought about what to do in certain situations and about how it feels to be excluded.


It has been such a busy half term and the children have worked so hard. A big well done to them all.