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Autumn Term

Year 1 had a fantastic first term starting off with a walk round Barkers Park. We explored the woods collecting leaves, acorns and conkers and tried to find the different types of trees that grow in our local area.


Following this children were able to discuss the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and created some beautiful large leaf paintings for the classrooms using their colour mixing skills. We started noticing the difference in the world outside and what happens in Autumn trying to recreate some amazing tree paintings. The children could also label parts of a tree and describe what each part did. 


We learned all about our bodies and our senses, tasting food, feely bags and some stinky senses cups!  We then created information booklets detailing everything we found out.  


The children have settled fantastically into Year 1 and have really enjoyed the new house point system and are trying every day to be the best they can be. 

Year 1 started their Autumn 2 topic with a bang quite literally as it was bonfire night and we had a visit from Guy Fawkes. They learned all about The Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. The classes the used all the facts they had remembered to write fantastic newspaper reports about the event.
The children then used their observation skills to compare London at the time of the plot with London today and finally some beautiful portraits of Guy Fawkes himself.

In maths the children partitioned numbers to help them understand tens and units making amounts using equipment. They were fantastic at recognising British coins and we used money to add ....a future life skill.

The run up to Christmas was very exciting they sang in the Christmas performance beautifully making their grown ups very proud I’m sure. Redscope had their first school visit to the pantomime which was very exciting and resulted in some amazing work back at class. Year 1 wrote pantomime reviews and drew pastel portraits of their favourite characters.

In music Mrs Whitely taught them about pitch and tempo, the children read music using symbols and they even had a chance to apply this to some instruments. Whilst Mr Nichols from Winterhill taught the children multi skills in their PE lessons.

A fantastic end to the year were Year 1 Christmas parties with lots of fun dancing and even a visit from Santa!