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Autumn Term

Autumn 2 


This half term, we have re-told Toy Story, a meeting tale of two characters. The children loved learning about the characters and really understood the fact that names have capital letters because they are proper nouns. We then moved on to an explanation text all about how reindeer fly. The children were inspired by this magical experience and had a go at innovation their own explanation text to explain how a different creature could fly.


Children who have mastered our number unit will be able to partition numbers 10-20 into tens and ones. The children have worked with many different concrete and pictorial representations of numbers, and used correct mathematical language to describe and compare numbers. The children have practised counting forwards and backwards to 20, beginning at 0 or 1, or from any given number. They will also be able to identify ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ than a given number.

Our shape unit builds on the work that children have done in foundation stage sorting objects. It draws on their skills of identifying similarities and differences and making direct comparisons, and develops their skill of identifying patterns and sequences in shapes. 


Our science unit this half term was Everyday Materials. The children got off to a good start as they could name some materials already such as metal and plastic. We began to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. For example, we learnt that a jar is made from glass, tin foil is made from metal and a spoon can be made from plastic, metal or wood, depending on its use. We then described the properties of different materials and did an investigation to find out which material would be best to make a raincoat for Woody.


Linked to our science, this half term in Art, we have also been developing our drawing skills, focusing on adding texture and showing light and dark areas. We looked at how other artists such as Jeff Koons showed this in his sculptures.  


We have also enjoyed learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas by singing songs, attending Christingle services and carol concerts. We have enjoyed retelling the Christmas story and recognise that the countdown to Christmas is a special time for Christians called Advent. 


In geography, we learnt more about different types of weather and how they can be represented with symbols. We also discussed the dangers of extreme weather such as droughts and floods.


Finally, the children enjoyed the Pantomime and loved joining in at different parts.


Autumn 1


The children have settled well into year 1 and have had a successful half term. Already, we have seen an improvement in the children’s concentration and they have adapted to the new routines and demands of formal learning.  


In English, we have written the narrative of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This required the children to focus, in particular, at an opening and a resolution. As it was such a familiar story, the children really enjoyed it. We then wrote a persuasive advert for a house, which the children were really enthusiastic about. Throughout the half term, we have been ensuring the basic skills are taught, such as, capital letters, spaces and full stops.


During this half term, we have been learning about the seasons. Children are now able to name the four seasons and most children understand the order they come in. We have discussed what happens during each season and how the temperature changes and that, we have to dress appropriately for this. The children also learnt about daylight hours and how we get more daylight hours in Summer than all the other seasons.


Our history focus this half term was activists. We have learnt about three key activists; Emily Davison, Rosa Parks and Guy Fawkes. We discussed how each individual had a significant impact on different movements and the different ways in which they campaigned, for example, Rosa Parks’ bus boycott was a peaceful protest whereas Emily Davison used more violent tactics. The children worked really hard to understand the different contexts in which these individuals were faced with and overall, they really understood the idea of equality and treating people fairly.


We have started our Power Maths scheme of learning. This half term, our learning has revolved around numbers from 0-10 and our emphasis has been on the mastery. The children have learnt to read and write numbers from 0-10. We have looked at pictorial representations; found one more and one less; using a number line and used the language of equal to, more than and less than.