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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1st Half


It’s been a fabulous start to the new school year and it’s going too fast already. We have settled into new routines so quickly and made lovely new friends with the children new to school, who feel like they’ve always been here and are full members of the Redscope Family.


We have done so much already this term. We began by looking at our similarities and differences and what makes us special and followed this with very detailed self-portraits to show our unique we all are. We then shared our family photos and talked about what we loved about them, drawing pictures of who lives in our house.


Later we met ‘The Little Red Hen’ in person and she gave us clues to her story. We then learnt her story by heart and the whole class have blown us away with how well they can retell the story! We then changed her story with our own version and drew our ideas for our new story in ‘Drawing Club.’ To help us learn new language we had a go at ‘grinding’ wheat and ‘kneading’ dough to make bread. It was yummy!


As the season has changed from Summer to Autumn we have watched the leaves turn beautiful colours and went on a gorgeous Autumn walk, that was far too warm for an Autumn day, and had squash too cool us down.  We collected all the treasures Autumn brings us, making an Autumn wand with some of the things we found. We then learned the recount of our journey by heart; another fantastic Talk for Writing performance!

In maths, we have learnt more about subitising in the world around us, beginning our journey discovering what numbers compose of. We have spent a long time decomposing numbers 3. 4 and 5 and have become very familiar with what makes up those numbers. We also learnt about patterns in nature and practised making repeating patterns and spiral patterns. In addition, we looked at position and direction and considered the map of our school and our place in it.


We have also been learning new circle games and practising working as a team and developing our listening skills. We have also used the falling leaves to make leaf rubbings. Over the term, we have learnt old and new songs and learned to sing together as a group. It was Purple Mash day and the new computing application was launched. We loved creating our own avatar. Now we can play lots of fun games on it at home.

In the last week of term we celebrated Harvest festival where we sang the Harvest songs we had been learning as a class.