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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1st Half


In our English lessons this half term, we have used the talk for writing scheme. We began by exploring a range of portal stories before learning the story 'Elf Road'. We explored the features and then focused on a settings toolkit to develop our writing skills. The children learnt how to use commas in a list and how to use appropriate adjectives to bring a setting to life. The children helped to create a list of ideas for their own story and then had the opportunity to write their own independent story creating their own settings and characters. We ended the term learning how to write a persuasive text. The children enjoyed eating Haribo, before having a go at writing a persuasive leaflet. They learnt how to use rhetorical questions as a hook for the reader and generated word banks of boastful and emotive vocabulary.


In math's, the children continued to build on their knowledge of place value from year 2.  They extended their understanding of the models and images that they have used previously. Children began with learning how to count in 100s. They learnt that a 3-digit number is made up of some 100s, 10s and 1s and were able to represent this in many ways. They extended the number line to 1,000 and began to explore where different numbers lie. Additionally, they compared and ordered 3-digit numbers as well as counted in 50s. 


In our Science lessons, the children learnt all about rocks and soils. Children learnt that rock is a naturally occurring material. They explored different types of rock and their properties. The children enjoyed working with Phil to find out about soils and what these are made up of.


In our art this term, we started with a key question, 'Who were the first artisits?' We began by exploring cave painting cave paintings from around the world and then identified similarities and differences.  Next, the children looked at how Stone Age people made paint and how this was applied using a variety of tools. Finally, the children used sketching pencils to create different shapes and lines and then created their own drawing of Stonehenge.


In History, the children have enjoyed learning about the Stone Age. They have learnt that there are three different time periods and they have explored how life during these times changed. They became hunter gatherers and collected food that early humans ate. In addition to this, they have learnt a range of new vocabulary and can recall a number of fingertip facts about this period in history. As part of this learning sequence, the children visited Creswell Crags. They took part in a number of activities to extend their understanding of this period in history.