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Autumn Term

During Autumn 1 we have been learning all about food and farming.

We kickstarted the topic with a trip to Whirlow Hall farm where the children participated in a variety of activities. These included: learning about the healthy eating plate, collecting the ingredients to make pancakes and a tour of the farm
Our literacy has been based around non chronological reports and linked closely with our Science. We have explored healthy eating and our teeth. We have also developed a set of instructions on brushing our teeth.
In maths we have looked at place value, addition, subtraction and division. We now know how to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We can also use the formal written methods column addition and subtraction. We have introduced division as grouping and looked at its relationship with multiplication.
In mental maths we are largely focusing on our times table knowledge.
Our topic work has included the digestion system, the skeleton and our teeth. We have explored ball skills in p.e and started Zumba for Children. Our artwork has focused on developing our colour mixing skills in preparation for art classes later in the year.

We can't wait to see what Autumn 2 brings us!
Autumn 2 has been a busy half term for Year 3.
We kickstarted our Polar Regions topic by writing an information page for a magazine. The children researched Polar Bears and created colourful and informative fact posters for the magazine. The editor was very impressed.
We also read the story Ice Palace after finding a variety of mysterious objects. The children spent time predicting and inferring before finding out what happened in the book. We then moved on to some Christmas poetry where the children used adjectives and extended noun phrases to describe Christmassy scenes which they then turned into some creative poetry.
In maths we have explored multiplication. We have looked at ways we can work out answers if we haven't learnt the table yet. We have begun looking at multiplying a two digit number by a single digit number. We introduced measurement and focused on length and height using cm and mm. We looked at conversions and then moved onto perimeters. We enjoyed a problem solving activity where we had to fit the animals in the appropriate enclosures by measuring the perimeters.
Our Science topic has been forces and magnets. We have investigated magnetic materials, looked at the poles and how magnets attract and repel and thought about the forces that make things move.
Our topic work has been around the Polar Regions. We have created wonderful painting of a variety of Polar animals paying particular attention to colour mixing and the shapes we need to use. We have concluded our Rhythm and Pulse unit in music with Mrs Whitely. The children have really enjoyed learning about pitch, tempo and dynamics and enjoyed creating their own four beat rhythms. In Spanish we have been learning simple greetings and the children are now confident in saying hello, how they are feeling, what their name is and how old they are.

We are really proud of how hard the children have worked this half term and we can't wait to see what they produce in our new topic.