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Autumn Term

The theme of our first topic this year has been Journey into Space. This topic has really grasped the children’s imagination and through this they have engaged with the learning and produced some fantastic work. We have looked at the skills of pencil control and how to achieve tone and texture within our art work. We also looked at using and mixing paints correctly to achieve the perfect palette of colours for our work. This skill was then applied to create some fantastic abstract art work of images of rockets and space, which was inspired by the art of Peter Thorpe. 

The Journey into Space topic, has also led to some fascinating scientific exploration and discoveries for the children. They have been exploring our solar system and finding out lots of amazing facts about the planets and moons within it. We have explored many different scientific concepts through investigations such as why we have gravity and who discovered it, how scientists eventually came to the conclusion that all the planets are spherical bodies, why it is we have day and night and also the different phases of the moon. In addition to this, the children have also used the geographical skills to explore what our planet looks like from space. They have used images taken by astronauts alongside atlases to identify were certain physical features are on our planet, such as continents, mountain ranges, rivers countries and cities.


Within literacy the children became journalists and their task was to report on the first moon landing. We watched documentary footage of the First Moon Landing on 20th July 1969, researched facts and completed drama hot-seating. From gathering all their notes the children wrote newspaper articles. Year 5 then wrote space themed poetry, exploring the patterns and language of free verse poetry and raps. Continuing with space as our inspiration the children wrote some fantastic sci-fi stories, exploring the language and discovering plots of stories set in imaginary worlds, following on to plan and write their own narrative of a sci-fi voyage. 
We have also looked at diary writing from the point of view of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Using primary historical evidence, the children planned and wrote, in chronological order, a diary entry for the 20th July 1969.  

To further develop our research skills, in small groups, the children used iPads to research the work of the Scientist, Galileo.  The children were then asked how they could present their research effectively resulting in some fabulous informative posters. The final task was to create and present a presentation about Galileo to the rest of their peers. The presentations were very informative and interesting to watch. 

In numeracy we have concentrated on number and place value to partition, order and compare numbers with up to 6 digits. We have also been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have focused on the addition and subtraction of numbers to 4 digits using column addition, rounding to check answers to calculations and solving multi-step problems. Every week we are continuing to work on multiplication facts (and linked divisions) up to 12 x 12. Using the TTRockstars login will help your child further develop rapid recall of their timestables. 


Finally, we have entered a Nestle competition as the company were recruiting mini Space bakers to design a new range of Rice Krispie treat with a space theme. The children designed their own Rice Krispie treat, followed a recipe to create the treat, designed and produced the packaging and most enjoyably of all ate and evaluated one another’s designs.   

We began our Literacy in Autumn 2 by reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar and linked the text to work for Diversity Week and Anti-Bullying Week.  We then began our work on Greek Myths. After reading Pandora’s Box, the children wrote a balanced argument for whether Pandora should open the box or not ensuring they used formal words and phrases. We then read Theseus and the Minotaur and the children then wrote their own ‘quest’ myth. We have also undertaken independent research investigating the influence the Ancient Greeks have had on our everyday lives in the 21st century.

In numeracy our focus has been multiplication. We have identified multiples and factors, including finding all factor pairs of a number, and common factors of 2 numbers. We have also used formal methods to multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a one and two-digit number, including long multiplication for two-digit numbers. Furthermore, we have studied prime, square and cube numbers.


We have continued to improve our knowledge of influential artists whilst studying Andy Warhol. Using a digital photograph of themselves, the children have made a fantastic digital montage in the style of Andy Warhol’s, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ prints.

Christmas is always an eventful time of year and the children have been busy learning songs and rehearsing for their Christmas concert. We also enjoyed the exciting visit to see the Sleeping Beauty Pantomime at the Civic Theatre. The children had a fabulous time and were very well behaved. Following from our visit we looked at the character Maleficent in the Pantomime and then in the movie Maleficent. We completed character descriptions to compare them and also used the movie as inspiration for some fantastic artwork.   


For Enterprise Fair, we developed our sewing techniques through the creation of Christmas tree decorations. We welcomed Miss Ansley who supported us with her fabulous sewing skills. The decorations were a sell out and the money will all go towards school projects.