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Autumn Term


During Autumn 1, REY have enjoyed learning about the Autumn season. We had a walk to the woods to look at the changes in our natural environment. We collected different coloured leaves, sticks and conkers. 



For our home learning, the children created some wonderful Autumn collages, using the natural materials they picked from the woods. 



For art and creativity, the children enjoyed making their own hedgehogs, using clay for the body and little sticks for the spikes. Once dried, they painted their hedgehogs. It was an exciting surprise when a real hedgehog was discovered sleeping in our construction area. 




As part of our maths learning to say some counting words, the children made their own birds feeders. They counted out cheerios as they threaded them onto wire. 



For our literacy learning, the children have enjoyed looking at books in our reading area. They particularly enjoyed Goldilocks And The Three Bears where they followed the story up by independently playing in our immersive role play area to act out what the characters did.  

We have also introduced our lending library this term, so the children can enjoy sharing books at home. 



Keeping with the children's interest of Goldilocks, the children did porridge tasting. We mixed the ingredients together and used the language of hot and cold. Most of the children ate it all up! 



We began the term talking about fireworks. What they look like and the sounds they make "Whoosh" "Crackle" "Bang". Using kitchen tubes cut into different shapes and dipped in glitter paint, the children created some wonderful firework pictures. Some of the children could identify the star and circle shapes that they used. We talked about safety around bonfire night and Skyla told us that she held a carrot that had a sparkler in it. 


The first week back was also Diversity week, so we did lots of work around colours. We enjoyed looking at the book Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly, we all shared our favourite colour and the children painted rainbow pictures. We finished the week off eating different coloured and flavoured jelly. 


As the term moved on, we started talking about Christmas, we decorated the Christmas tree and started to sing Christmas songs. The children enjoyed their Christmas treat trip to The Little Town of Play where they were able to dress up and act out in different roles. We have ended the term with a Christmas party and a very special visit from Santa. 


As part of our Maths learning, we have been doing lots of counting. Counting baubles, counting presents. We have been using different voices to count 1 to 5. Santa voice "1,2,3,4,5 Ho Ho Ho" 


For Science, we made some star shaped biscuits, they were delicious. The children also made some glittery salt dough decorations to hang on their Christmas trees at home. 


In literacy, we have talked about what we would like for Christmas. The children did letters to Santa by drawing the toy they would like. We have listened to lots of festive stories. Our favourite was The Twelve Days of Christmas where some of the children started to join in with the repeated words. 


For home learning, the children got creative making rockets. We had a variety of sizes from really small to a huge sized rocket, which triggered language of big and little.