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Foundation Stage 2

This term we have been on a Gruffalo hunt at Whirlow Farm and wrote a recount about it.  We made lists of what the Gruffalo likes to eat and the Gruffalo visited Cleethorpes and sent us a postcard. We had a seaside day in school and splashed about in paddling pools and ate delicious treats and then sent a postcard back to the Gruffalo. The Gruffalo asked us to make owl ice-cream because he didn’t like the ice-cream at Cleethorpes so we made it and wrote instructions so he could make it himself. We then sold them at the Enterprise Fair and they went very quickly!
In Maths we have recapped pattern making, ordering and comparing numbers, adding and subtracting, doubling and halving and measures. We have made patterns using materials from the Gruffalo’s wood and ordered numbers for the mouse to cross the bridge.
We have enjoyed role playing the Gruffalo in our den and cooking up delicious treats for him and we made Gruffalo Crumble for the mouse. We’ve role played ice-cream stalls and made our own ice-cream at the Gruffalo ice-cream factory as a treat for all the hard work we have done this year.

In PE we have danced and moved to music as the characters of the Gruffalo and in art after our seaside in school we painted seascapes inspired by the French Pointillism artist Seurat.

Sports day was very well attended and we had a great time. We love the wacky races! We are now looking forward to the new adventures in Year 1 we are about to embark upon.

It’s been a very short term but wow have FS2 fit a lot in! In the first week we went to Old Moor on our school trip and had a fantastic time at one with nature, hunting for mini-beasts and pond dipping. It was wonderful and we learned so much. In the same week our tiny visitors in the form of butterfly eggs arrived and we have been watching them closely and keeping a weekly diary to document their change.

In numeracy we have been learning about doubling, halving, sharing and grouping. We’ve become so good at it and had some yummy cake and sweeties to help us learn – what better way?! It’s all about a fair share!

In Art we have painted some stunning pictures of mini-beasts and modelled some awesome creepy crawlies with clay. Our colour mixing skills and detailed work with clay is developing beautifully.

In PE we have been dancing and moving to show the life cycle of a butterfly. There are been some very delicate dancing butterflies in class!


We’ve done some much in such a short time!

Spring 2 has been Super Heroic! We have sent letters to our favourite superheroes and the superheros responded! We wrote information pages about superheros so everyone could find out about them. We learnt how we could be superheroes in our own way and save the world with the 4 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair. We sorted recycling and made posters about the 4 Rs to show how others could help save the world too. We created our own superheroes and described them.
In maths we have used our super brain power to learn about estimation and develop our careful counting skills. We have done brilliantly in learning about addition and subtraction using objects and counting on and back along a number line. We have looked at the language of time and the properties of 3D shapes.

In art we became brilliant comic illustrators and drew pictures using pastels of our own superheros and created beautiful mother's day cards for our own personal superheroes! We have loved playing in our superhero lair and dressing up as superheroes. 


In PE we have embarked on superhero training and have developed the superhero skills of agility, strength, accuracy, balance and fitness. The effort we put into training was immense! We really are budding superheroes!

An incredible visitor came to school - Spiderman! He gave us certificates for completing our superhero training and we got to ask him questions and show him around our school. It was amazing!
On the last day Class 1 created and opened the fantastic Foundation Stage bug hotel. Lets hope we get some guests checking in soon. And another visitor hopped in to deliver our yummy Easter treat!

This half Term in FS2 we have been reading lots of traditional tales and soaking up the wonderful story language used in them. We have focused on Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man and have learned the stories through ‘talk for writing’ to help the language become part of our everyday vocabulary.

We have enjoyed lots of lovely activities around our focus traditional tales including growing a bean to make our own beanstalk and making and decorating gingerbread men. The children have loved playing in role as different characters from traditional tales and innovating their stories by creating their own villain. We really do have some budding actors.

We have enjoyed a full day celebrating Chinese New Year with visitors from the Chinese Lion Dancing Ensemble and tasting Chinese food. Mrs Boston pulled some fabulous Lion Dancing moves!

In maths we have been learning how to compare sizes and order different size gingerbread men and the height of different characters in traditional tales. We have learned to measure each other and the giants’ foot print using non-standard units of measure. We have also spent time looking at money and talking about what it is for and the value of the coins. We continue to work on the mastery of numbers 0-10, looking at more or less, ordering numbers and matching numbers to amounts.

We are working hard on phase 3 in phonics and have learned all the new sounds so we are now revising them ready for assessment. We always welcome parents and carers queries about how to support their child’s progress in phonics.

Looking forward to an exciting Spring 2. Watch this space... KAPOW!!

Autumn 2 
We have had such a very busy half term. Our theme was Tinga Tinga Tales and we learned about the animals that feature in the stories. We linked this to our maths and learned about data collection. The children voted for their favourite animals and took a tally in order to put the information into a bar chart. We also weighed out animal food for the characters and ordered the feed bags into the correct weight order. The animals were also in need of an animal tonic and the children were able to order the tonic according to the capacity of full, half-full and empty. We decided that the elephant was active enough without the need for a tonic!
We also looked at our local environment, thinking about seasonal changes. The children noticed that many of the trees had lost their leaves and so we talked about deciduous and evergreen trees. Our artwork gave the children colour mixing opportunities as they painted autumnal woodland scenes. Later in the term we revisited the paintings and showed the changes by adding sparkly frost and snowflakes. Ruby-Jo depicted a snow blizzard perfectly in her picture. 
Of course, the autumn 2 season brings our busy Christmas period and the children threw themselves into learning songs and a script for a performance of Humph the camel. We went to see a panto and the children watched the actors’ performances with a mind to how they could make their show better. The children were amazing and the adults were very impressed with our actors, who definitely deserve an Oscar at the very least. The last week of our half term was full of hope for Christmas and the children have written a letter to Santa. They also planned a train journey to coincide with our Polar express day.  
Our next topic is traditional tales – Far, far, away.
We can’t wait to get started. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Foundation 2 have had a brilliant time with our topic 'This is me'. The children have settled into their new classes and are making new friends every day. We have thought about our dreams and aspirations for the future and what we would like to be when we get older. We celebrated our learning with a Finale for parents to come and watch us sing our songs - 1,2,3 it's good to be me, A million dreams and we got the parents to join in with our 'wake up, shake up song. 
Our teachers are Mrs Boston and Mrs Hornung. They are supported by Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Jackson. All of the adults are pleased with how well the children have settled into school life. During this half-term the children will be learning all about 'This is Me'.