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The Coordinator for Geography is Miss Jordan.

Geography plays a vital role in providing children within the Kimberworth community to develop a love and fascination for the world, sparking curiosity to develop knowledge and understanding about people, places and environments at different scales. By asking and responding to questions, children are supported to make connections so that knowledge can be applied to develop conceptual understanding.  Big ideas that are specifically explored within the geography curriculum include sustainability and diversity.  It is important that children have the opportunity to think geographically about issues and challenges facing them now and in the future whilst also considering how global challenges affect people in diverse communities around the world. We aim to provide rich language and vocabulary opportunities within an ambitious curriculum.  


To ensure children are supported to develop substantive and disciplinary knowledge, a geographical enquiry approach is used so that children are supported to develop critical thinking through guided geographical enquiries.  Children are provided with opportunities to explore and explain the world around them through outdoor learning experiences.  This enables children to begin to develop the disciplinary knowledge, so that geographical skills can be taught and practised at a range of scales. Geographical enquiries have the opportunity to enable children to think critically, develop empathy so that they are better equipped to appreciate controversial issues that help children develop tolerance and respect for the views of others.