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Learning Word of the Week

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Every Friday we have a celebration assembly. One of our Redscope words will have been selected to focus on throughout the week. The teachers will discuss the chosen word, and its meaning, and the children will share examples of when they have spotted any of their peers showing behaviour or work linked to the selected word. During the assembly the teacher will explain why the child has been nominated for the certificate and pin badge. We are always proud of our children and they love taking the certificates and badges home. Look below for photographs and names of children nominated for special certificates.


18th October 2019



Isabelle in Class 3 for always being responsible in class and helping others. 

Adam in Class 4 for responsible learning in class. 

Alex in Class 5 for always being responsible and taking care of others. 

Gracie in Class 7 for taking responsibility over learning at school and home.

Amelia in Class 8 for being responsible for her learning.

William in Class 9 for taking responsibility of his learning. 

Fraser in Class 10 for being respectful and responsible. A true star. 

Finlay in Class 11 for always being responsible for his learning. 

Oliver in Class 13 for being Mr Responsible in every way!



4th October 2019



Amelia in Class 4 for being respectful to adults.

Frankie in Class 5 for always showing respect in our classroom.

Joel in Class 6 for always showing incredible respect towards her peers and adults.

Mokshith in Class 7 for respect to staff and children when talking.

Olivia in Class 8 for showing respect to children and adults.

Isobel in Class 9 for lovely manners, always being polite and having a great attitude.

Clayton in Class 10 for being respectful and trying his best in everything.

Abi in Class 11 for showing respect to Mrs Smith in difficult circumstances.

Kelsie in Class 13 for showing respect at Crucial Crew towards the staff leading the session.  



27th September 2019



Abigail in Class 3 for trying hard with her finger spaces.

Alfie in Class 5 for making a great start at Redscope.

Lillie-Mae in Class 7 for showing resilience in her maths learning.

Scarlett in Class 8 for working hard in all areas of the curriculum.

Lily in Class 9 for showing resilience in maths with different concepts like negative numbers.

Jenson in Class 10 for working so hard in numeracy and pushing himself. 

Maddison in Class 11 for showing resilience in the daily mile.

Nasra in Class 12 for working hard and showing resilience.

Ruby in Class 13 for a great start at Redscope - very resilient in everything she does. 


20th September 2019



Henry in Class 3 for resilience in English.

Isabelle in Class 4 for resilience in learning her phonics.

Lacey-Jo in Class 5 for resilience in maths.

Kyron in Class 6 for always showing resilience and working hard independently.

Poppy in Class 7 for resilience in maths.

Hollie in Class 8 for resilience in maths.

Jameel in Class 10 for showing resilience in his learning and excellent behaviour on the visit.

Dina in Class 12 for showing respect and resilience towards peers and adults. 

Kai in Class 14 for his resilience towards every learning task he is given.


13th September 2019



Fareeha in Class 3 for always being respectful in school.

Frankie in Class 4 for always being respectful to grown ups and ready to learn.

Nooran in Class 5 for always beng respectful to adults and children in school.

Shelby in Class 6 for always showing respect in and outside of the classroom. 

Ellis in Class 7 for respecting staff, peers and environment.

Sami in Class 8 for always showing respect in and outside of the classroom.

Jacob in Class 9 for always being a positive role model and an enthusiastic learner. 

Edward in Class 10 for being respectful and an 'Always child'.

Lily in Class 11 for respecting her learning and always doing extra at home.

Max in Class 13 for showing respect in the classroom and around school.