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Enterprise Education- Get Growing

Get Growing a Sunflower

This year, due to the Covid pandemic, children in school will not be growing plants in order to make, bake or sell at a summer fair. However, we would like all the adults and children in school to grow a sunflower at home and track its progress. At the beginning of the Easter holidays, your child will be given seeds and instructions to grow the sunflower and we would like the children to share how they get on. This can be done in the classroom and on twitter. We would love to see pictures and share them with everyone in school! Growing at school and at home There are many benefits for children to be outside and engaging in gardening. This is especially important after the long winter lockdown when we have all had to stay indoors much more than usual. Gardening engages all sorts of senses and helps children to develop and recognise them without even realising. They can feel the texture of soil, seeds, flower and petals. As children garden, they develop important motor skills that will help them improve their academic skills such as writing, cutting and typing. This is why we are also encouraging children to have a go at growing other simple plants at home and in school. All children will have the opportunity to access the Redscope school garden with their class on a regular basis.

Redscope Family Recipe Book

In addition to this, we would like to create a Redscope Family Recipe Book which will be printed and available to buy in the summer term. We would like recipes that you enjoy eating with your family or recipes that have been passed down through your family. We will send out more information regarding this at a later date.