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Welcome to Early Years

Early years continued their learning about mini beasts during this half term. The children have shown excitement and enthusiasm for our topic 'it's a bugs life'.
We have enjoyed listening to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children now know the life cycle of a butterfly and in the words of Tiana (age 3) 'a caterpillar eats lots and lots of food and goes to sleep for 2 weeks and wakes up into a beautiful butterfly'. He certainly does Tiana, well done. The children produced some lovely art work of the hungry caterpillar for our display.
In numeracy we have been counting the spots on ladybirds. This ignited the children's interest and we were lucky enough to grow our own ladybirds from insect lore. They started off as little black bugs and the children observed the changes on a daily basis. Gaston was the sole surviving ladybird who lived in our ladybird mansion before being released outside in our bug hotel.
In speaking we have been learning new words and meanings such as 'symmetrical'. In moving and handling we have been finding different ways to move our body like the insects do, the children loved to pretend to wiggle like a worm.
To celebrate the end of our topic we held our annual 'ugly bug ball' where we all dressed up as mini beasts. The children (and staff) all looked fantastic, thank you to all the parents/ carers for producing some wonderful and creative outfits.

In Autumn 2 the children made some fantastic rockets as part of their home learning. we had lots of fun with glitter making our autumn pictures. We looked at fire safety and enjoyed our emersive learning area (fire station) The build up to Christmas was very exciting, the children helped to decorate the Christmas tree and made decorations for the room. We had a Christmas party with a very special visitor.

This term (Spring 1) We are welcoming all our new children and families that start this term. We have welcomed a new member of staff (Becci). Our topic is 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'. We are looking at the colours of winter and making winter collages for our display. We are learning all about arctic animals, ice and linking this with 'frozen'. Our igloo in the emersive learning area is very popular and the children can make their own igloo with our ice blocks. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year this half term and doing food tasting.

This term our topic was ‘if you go down to the woods today’
We have had lots of fun pretending to be goldilocks and having porridge with the three bears. We went on a visit to the local woods where we explored our natural environment, collected conkers and leaves, had a picnic and finished off with a special treat at the park.


As part of our home learning project we asked parents if they could make a bird feeder that we could put in our garden. Look what Morgan and his Daddy made for us.

The children also made their own bird food. They enjoyed mixing the ingredients together including oats, raisin’s and cheese. I think the birds will enjoy visiting your garden. 

Donna, Anne, Sue and Alicia are really excited to see the children return after the summer holiday. Donna is the Early Years Teacher and Anne, Sue and Alicia are the Early Years Practitioners.

To help the children to settle back after the holiday we have used lots of popular and familiar characters such as Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. The children are really enjoying interacting with the different characters and each other. This half-term our Learning Journey is called ‘If you go down to the woods today’. We will be learning about bears and reading the popular stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.