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Start and Finish Times


In the Autumn Term, many parents made us aware of congestion both in the playground, the Chislett carpark and from people waiting on Kimberworth Park Road. For this reason, it is necessary to stagger the start and finish times much more than they were previously. This has been tried in another of the CCAT academy schools and has been effective in making sure that contact between groups of adults is kept to a minimum. We appreciate that people with larger families may have some waiting around; however, this is to make everyone safer and is in response to comments from parents. It is also because we understand that the new variant may be much more transmissible between adults and so we are trying to limit the numbers of people on the playground at any one time.


Once you have collected your children/ dropped all your children off, please exit the playground and do not congregate where other parents need to pass you. This is not just good manners but is specifically mentioned in the government guidance due to the transmission from adult to adult. Please remember that only ONE adult should enter the playground to pick up the children (if you have different adults in different playgrounds that is fine).