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Spring Term

It has been an excellent start to our Ancient Egypt topic. The children have been travelling back through time and finding out what life was like in this ancient civilisation. We have looked at different sources to find out what life was like for people in that time. We learnt all about the social pyramid and the roles in which people played. We were surprised to learn that most Egyptians followed in their families footsteps and never really moved up or down the social pyramid. 


We have studied a key text called Ma'at's Feather. In this story we find out about a  young boy called Qen who makes a terrible decision and is forced to change his life forever. The children have written diary extracts about particular moments in his life and shown empathy for his situation. We are looking forward to the author of this book coming in to see us soon. 

In PE, we have been working on different dance routines. We have began to learn a routine all about the famous boy king, Tutankhamun. We are hoping to share this in the future. We have also been developing our games skills and have been working together in teams. 


In Numeracy, we have strengthened our understanding of fractions and decimals.  The teachers are pleased with how quickly the children have grasped the concepts. We have been improving our problem solving and reasoning skills along the way and becoming more confident in this area. 

In science we have completed our unit on electricity. We have carried out investigations to identify good insulators and conductors. We have drawn simple circuits and labelled diagrams. 



Our topic continues into the next half term where we will be finding out more about Ancient Egyptian gods, looking more closely into aspects of daily life and studying a story from the bible. 

Although Spring 2 has been cut short, we still managed to fit in lots of new learning. We have continued with our Ancient Egyptian topic which the children have really enjoyed. 


In literacy, children were split into groups and given an Ancient Egyptian sub-topic to research and present back to the rest of the class. These were medicine, monuments, housing, fashion, fun and games and food and drink. Children came up with their own questions to research and then used the iPads and information packs to find the answers. They then had to design a poster and present the information to the rest of the class as if they were the teachers! Afterwards, the children told us they loved the independence and getting stuck into one particular topic.


In numeracy, we have been learning about time. Time is a crucial life skill for children to learn and they came a long way in the short term with reading analogue clocks, digital clocks and even 24 hour clocks! Some children were even able to convert between these. Fantastic! This skill is something children could continue to learn during isolation.


During this half term we have introduced weekly Philosophy for Children lessons. We use a stimulus (such as The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson) to prompt questions and then the children vote for which question they would like to discuss. We encourage sentence openers like 'I agree with', 'I disagree with' and 'I would like to build on what ... has said' to develop their communication and debating skills. We have definitely noticed a difference in their critical thinking and communication skills since beginning these lessons.


Finally, we managed to fit in World Book Day this half term and there were some fabulous costumes! The children really enjoyed the day and discussing different books and their favourite characters.


We don't know when we will see you again but we certainly hope it will be soon. In the meantime, children have home learning packs to complete and they can access EdShed, and TT Rockstars at home. All logins are stuck into their planners. 


Make sure you keep in touch with us on Twitter too.


Miss Kingston and Miss Hipwell