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Spring Term

It was great to see everyone together for the one day before lockdown restrictions changed everything. As everyone was so looking forward to our Harry Potter topic, we decided to go ahead and teach it remotely and to the children in school.


The children have produced some great work both in school and at home. We have been blown away by the enthusiasm shown from the remote learners.  Many dedicated children have accessed their remote learning for every live lesson and have quickly and confidently adapted to using Teams. We would also like to thank families for being committed to supporting the children and uploading their learning after each lesson.


Our literacy learning this half term has been inspired by the Harry Potter novel and has enabled the children to write lots of wonderful pieces. This began with some diary entries as characters from the book. They were able to immerse themselves into the characters and produce some fantastic pieces of writing. In addition, the children have also been spending time working on their descriptive writing and honing their skill at using precise detail in order to create a picture in the readers mind. This descriptive writing led to some wonderful writing about a wander down Diagon Alley and a story about travelling through a portal to Hogwarts Castle.

In maths, we have looked at prime, square and cube numbers and moved onto looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shape including finding the perimeter and area of compound shapes.


We have loved seeing what everyone has been doing and have a few pictures to share from school and home learning. Well done to all the children who have worked super hard this term. You have been amazing and we are very proud of your resilience! We can’t wait until we are all back in school together and fingers crossed that will be during Spring 2.