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Spring Term

Spring 2, 2021 


This half term our topic theme has been about Superheroes, both imaginary and real life.

On World Book Day, we had an amazing time dressing up in our pyjamas and reading our favourite books together.  We believe ‘Reading in our Superpower’.


In the home-corner the Clever Kittens dressed up as real life superheroes – Fire-fighters, Policemen, Doctors and Nurses and showed lots of interest in the different occupations.  They used the available resources to create props to support their imaginative role play and were able to talk about and use a stethoscope appropriately.


Some boys and girls played our large Superhero Board Game, learning to take turns and use their mathematical skills to recognise numerals 1 to 10.


We also celebrated the Chinese New Year of the ox by tasting Chinese food - trying hard to use chopsticks, and also made Chinese fans and firework pictures.  For the festivities finale we performed a Chinese Lion Dance. Gung Hey Fat Choi (Happy New Year). 

We created an obstacle course and children were able to match their developing physical skills to decide whether to crawl, walk or run across a plank, depending on its length and width. At the beginning of the day, we saw some children a little hesitant and nervous crossing the planks and by the day, they had used their skills of resilience and perseverance to confidently walk and run across the wooden planks.


In Science week, we had a fabulous time with lots of fun activities. We had construction magnets, and magnets to investigate which objects were magnetic and which were non-magnetic.  A table top was set out with light, colour and reflective resources, exploring how you can shine light through some materials, but not others.  Our final science investigation was really tasty. We made Chocolate Easter buns and had the opportunity to change materials from one state to another by melting the chocolate, combining different ingredients, and then cooling them. Yummy!

What a super half term!

Spring 1 2021


Once upon a time … there was a class of children called The Clever Kittens and they began exploring different traditional tales.


They tasted porridge with Goldilocks and the three Bears and joined in with the repeated phrases in the story e.g. “Who’s been eating my porridge?” We talked about the difference between materials and the changes they noticed when cooking the porridge.  They also began learning how stories were structured by sequencing pictures from this  story and other stories such as The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


The children read the Three Little Pigs story and were encouraged to understand questions linked to the story e.g. Who built the strongest house? Why didn’t the house of bricks blow down when the wolf huffed and puffed?  The Clever Kittens also joined in with story, using story language “Once upon a time ….” and “The end”.


We have been learning the key concepts about print, talking about the names of the different parts of a book e.g. the front cover, back cover, the blurb, title and title page.

They created Little Red Riding pictures using 2d Shapes, learning their mathematical names and mathematical terms to describe them. 


As part of our learning to understand our world, we left ice cubes out in the sun, to see what happened.  The ice cubes slowly melted.  We also created our own experiment to see what would happen if we shook salt onto some of them.  We noticed that salt made the ice cubes melt faster.


We have also looked at animals from the North and South Poles.  We made realistic looking ‘fake’ snow from crystals, slowly adding water and watched how it changed from one state to another.  We then separated the animals and created ‘small worlds’ of the North and South Poles.


It has been different in school this year, but we have done some good learning and it has still been an amazing half term. …..The End.