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Spring Term

We have had another fantastic half term. All children have worked so hard and we have been so pleased to welcome everyone back to school. It has been lovely to see all of the children in class and see how resilient they all are. The children have carried on like they had never been off and have continued to try their best in all areas of their learning. We have been so proud of how the children got on with the remote learning, and the work produced has been brilliant. Thank you for all trying your best under such difficult circumstances.


We have continued our Ancient Egypt topic in spring 2. We have looked at the books, ‘Ma’ats Feather’ in reading and the children have really enjoyed listening to, reading and delving deeper into these stories. We were also really lucky to be able to speak to the Author, which the children loved.


In English, we have looked at the ‘Prince of Egypt’ film, also covering RE. We really enjoyed watching the film and building our lessons around it. We have had children being reporters, acting out the plagues and producing some fantastic work-well done!


In maths, we have looked at shape and space. We have learnt all about the properties of shapes in more detail, as well as how to calculate their perimeter, and then applied this to measuring perimeter of a variety of objects and even the school field.


As well as our class learning, we have also taken part in World book day, our school rainbow day and our school gallery project. The work produced for the gallery has been great, and thank you to everyone who took part. Year 4 take pride in their work, and our wonderful contribution to the gallery showcases this.


This half term has been another bumpy ride, but we are so proud of all of the children. Whether working remotely, in school or back in class after lockdown, the children have shown reliance, determination and perseverance. Well done all year 4. Your teachers all very proud of you.

Well, what a start we've had to the Spring term. It was lovely to see everyone together for one day before lockdown restrictions changed everything again. We decided to continue with our planned Ancient Egypt topic. It has certainly got everyone hooked. 


We have had some fantastic work produced in school and at home. The teachers have been blown away by the enthusiasm shown. So far we have learnt about roles in Ancient Egyptian society, we have researched the importance of the River Nile and we have learnt about Tutankhamen and the Gods which has been linked perfectly to various skills in literacy. 


In numeracy, the children continue to impress us with their times table recall and we have celebrated wins during Rockstar battles which will continue over half term and beyond. The children have also begun their learning of fractions and decimals. They can identify fractions of shapes and objects and are using bar models to find fractions of numbers. 


We are so pleased to see everyone keeping active and healthy with activities such as PE with Joe and Cosmic Yoga. The children at home have been sharing their cooking and baking talents too. We love seeing what everyone has been doing and have a few pictures to share from school and home learning. Well done to all the children who have worked super hard this term. You have been amazing!