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Spring Term

Well, another strange term. What a year we are having! Thank you so much for all the support you have given your children during lockdown number 3. We have loved seeing what you have got up to at home.


In the time we have been back at school we have looked at how we can be superheroes and help save our planet. We've created posters telling others how they can help look after the environment, considering recycling, not dropping litter and growing plants. Litterbug Doug paid us a visit and messed up our home corner in the classroom and we wrote him a message telling him to clean up his act.  


We have created cityscape pictures with us a superheroes flying through the air. We used paint and collage techniques to create these.


We have begun to develop a compost bin outside where we now put all our fruit peelings; this will be used in our Redscope mud kitchen garden.

In PE we have trained to become superheroes and been awarded certificates for our agility, speed, balance and fitness. 


In Phonics we have continued to consolidate our understanding oh Phase 3 phonics, bettering our fluency in reading and developing our skills in writing.

In maths we continue on our journey to deeply understand the composition of number and we are becoming supersonic subitisers. 


We have celebrated our own special Rainbow Day and the Easter bunny visited and delivered yummy eggs. We look forward to Easter at home.


We are looking forward to next term's adventures, hopefully uninterrupted with warmer weather.

Our topic in FS2 this term has been people who help us. We started off by looking at all the real life superheroes in our community who do fantastic jobs that help us. We then looked in more detail at the jobs that doctors nurses and police officers do, with some videos from these real life superheroes. The children thought about the skills and qualities they would need to do a helping job, we looked at their uniforms, equipment and vehicles. We have had lots of stories and role play to help us understand these jobs. In math we have been getting to know numbers 9 & 10 and starting to look at number bonds. We have looked at 3D shapes in our environment and had a try at making some of these ourselves.  


We have learned lots of new sounds in phonics which is helping us with our reading and we practise our names and letter formation every day. We are learning to take of ourselves by exercising and getting fresh air whatever the weather because at Redscope we know we have to be the best that we can be.