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Spring Term

Spring 2 


The children have settled well back into classroom learning, after working hard at home or in smaller bubbles. We are so pleased to have them all back together. 



In our writing lessons this term, we looked at two picture books and used them for inspiration. We started with the text 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt, which many of us remembered from being much younger children. We used the ideas within the book to write informal letters from disgruntled crayons and unhappy toys in the toybox. 


The next text we used was 'The Night of the Gargoyles' by Eve bunting. This was a very unusual book with thought-provoking pictures and interesting language. We wrote eerie descriptions and first-person narrative, thinking about how the gargoyles might have felt at different points within the book. 


In maths, we have worked on measuring perimeter and area of different shapes and also began looking at how to find the volume of a cube. We tried hard to master long division and used this to solve problems, as well as completing maths puzzles to strengthen our skills and develop our speed in calculation. We also began thinking about how to calculate with fractions - something we will continue with after Easter. 


In art, we took inspiration from the beautiful sketches within the book, 'The Night of the Gargoyles'. We developed shading skills and experimented with tone to create pencil sketches of gargoyles, and we used clay to make our own gargoyle heads. These creations were proudly displayed at the Redscope Lockdown Gallery. 


During our PE lessons, our activities have focused on team building and basic skills (which can be transferred to other sports) as well as developing communication skills. We will be building on these skills next term, where we will play some competitive games. 



In science, we have been learning about living things. We are now able to classify living things into different categories and can describe some life cycles of insects and birds. We then compared this to humans. 


Spring 1


This wasn’t the start to the New Year that we had all hoped for.  We thought we would lift our spirits by studying the beautiful country of Mexico and the amazing traditions and history it holds.  Both our children learning from home and our children in school have worked very hard and we are extremely proud of them all.



Despite the challenging circumstances, we have written for many different purposes and audiences and focussed on a range of genres. Our learning in school began with researching the Mexican festival, Dia de los Muertos, and we produced an informative non-chronological report. The award-winning animation Dia de los Muertos inspired our children to write a narrative about a little girl who is reunited with her mother. We have also used persuasive devices to produce a superb hotel brochure promoting the stunning Hotel Rui Emerald Bay. Coco, the Disney Pixar film, has been the focus for first person narrative (diaries, letters and descriptions) about the events of Miguel’s fascinating visit to the Land of the Dead.



In maths, we have consolidated our understanding of shape (2D and 3D) by identifying, classifying and sorting shapes and making our own 3D models.  Following that, we have worked out missing angles and measuring angles in shapes. Reading the time on analogue and digital clocks, has been another important focus along with converting times between 12 and 24 hour clock and reading and understanding timetables. Following that, our children have learnt how to use and apply BODMAS to work out tricky calculations.


Topic work – Ancient Maya

Learning about Mexico would not be complete without studying the ancient Maya culture and traditions. Children have independently researched and presented an area of the Maya culture.  Children have used their geographical skills to locate Mexico on a world map and label the continents, oceans and the major cities of Mexico.  We have thoroughly enjoyed imitating Mexican folk art using watercolours which have improved our design and fine motor skills. In school, the children have been lucky enough to continue learning the ukuele with Miss Dawes. Spanish lessons have been delivered online by Mr Jordan.