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Spring Term

What a strange start to a half term! First of all, well done to everybody that has engaged with the remote learning. It’s been lovely to see you all busy learning at home.


This half term we have been looking at toys. We’ve looked at both old and new toys and decided which ones we like best while also learning what they used to be made from and what our toys are made from now. Children have had a go at describing old and new toys and even learnt why teddy bears are called teddy bears and what they used to look like.


We have also enjoyed learning about Toy Story and re-told the story of the first film. We then drew some of the characters using oil pastels so that they were vibrant and bold, like the characters themselves. Next, we studied LEGO and the man who created it: Ole Kirk Christiansen. He used to be a carpenter in Denmark but created LEGO from plastic in 1949. LEGO means ‘play well’ and the children in year 1 said they love LEGO because it’s fun, colourful and you can build lots of different things.


In maths, we have begun to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have also practised our number bonds. Children learnt how to use a ruler to measure objects in centimetres and put them in order of smallest to biggest. We have now moved onto learning about money and recognising the coins as well as adding up a total amount. Please continue to practise this with your children on a daily basis as this is a life skill for them.