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Spring Term

The theme of our third topic this year has been a novel study of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. The children of Year 5 had the fabulous opportunity to visit The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. They all had an amazing time and were able to see many of the props, sets and costumes used in the films. This visit and the children’s love of Harry Potter has grasped their imagination and enabled them to produce some fantastic work. In our topic work we have looked at the skill of using a vanishing point to achieve the look of perspective. We applied this skill to draw fantastic pencil sketches of Diagon Alley.

For our science lessons, a teacher from Winterhill has visited school and the children have explored the many different properties and changes of materials. Linking to our topic, the children completed exciting lessons to separate materials by filtering, sieving and using magnets. They  used chromatography to find out which pen was used by Voldemolt’s secret spy and finally completed a number of challenges to get passed the three headed dog. The children were introduced to the meaning of physical and chemical changes of materials and reversible and irreversible changes. 

Our literacy learning this half term has been inspired by the Harry Potter novel and has enabled the children to write lots of wonderful pieces. This began with some fantastic character sketches of people from the book. The children were able to develop their skimming, scanning, summarising and inference skills to collect the information they needed from the book in order to complete this. As they moved further into the novel the children wrote diary entries as characters from the book. They were able to immerse themselves into the characters and produce some fantastic pieces of writing. In addition, the children have also been spending time working on their descriptive writing and honing their skill at using precise detail in order to create a picture in the readers mind. This descriptive writing led to some wonderful writing about a wander down Diagon Alley.

Our maths focus this half term has been fractions. The children have worked really hard focusing on many aspects of the topic. They have been learning how to find equivalent fractions using fraction walls and their multiplication and division skills. The focus then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and those that have denominators that are multiples of the same number. There has also been a focus on identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers and working on converting one to the other. Furthermore, they have focused on ordering and comparing fractions that have the same denominator and those that have denominators that are multiples of the same number. The children have also been multiplying fractions by whole numbers using diagrams and also their multiplication and division knowledge.

Spring 2

In maths this half term we have continued with our work on understanding decimal place value, the children have located numbers with one decimal place on a number line and read and write fractions as decimal numbers. We have worked on rounding decimals with two decimal places to the nearest whole number and to one decimal place. We then looked at percentages and wrote percentages as a fraction and as a decimal fraction and completed problem solving questions.

In literacy, we received a letter from Harry Potter World asking us to design a new attraction. We worked hard to create some fantastic designs for rides and attractions and produced a persuasive poster to illustrate our designs. As part of DT, we used K-Nexx to make models of our rides and attractions to help support our designs. We then wrote a story, focussing on descriptive language. We thought of a portal which could transport us from school to Hogwarts castle and we was very impressed with the ambitious language used and the improved confidence of everyone’s editing skills. 

In geography this half term we have been able to study volcanoes and produce an information poster about them. We learned about the different types of volcanoes, how they are formed, what is inside of them, what causes them to erupt and the impact these have on the environment.


In RE this half term we have focussed on Islam. We learnt about Islamic rituals of prayer and the importance of prayer mats and what makes them special. We were fascinated to learn that there is always a fault sewn into the prayer mat. This deliberate mistake is there to remind Muslims that only Allah (God) can create perfection, not a mortal man. We enjoyed designing our own prayer mats and finding each other’s deliberate mistake.


In art, we designed our own Harry Potter House Shields out of clay. We enjoyed being creative and using different techniques to add detail to our shields. 

We really enjoyed World Book Day and had many Harry Potter characters in our Class for the day! 


We are so disappointed that we did not get to complete this terms learning but we are loving seeing what you are getting up to at home through Twitter, keep it up. We miss you all and look forward to seeing your lovely faces as soon as we possibly can.