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Spring Term

Tinga Tinga stories and Handa’s surprise took us to Africa this term where we took on roles in stories, tasted yummy tropical fruits and met Kuda who lives in Zimbabwe and told us all about life in an African village. We labelled parts of African animals and speech bubbles to reflect what the Tinga Tinga characters might say. We wrote lists of fruit that Handa took to her friend’s village and we thought about what we would take to our friend’s house.
In maths we started our journey into a deeper understanding of addition and subtraction with the help of elephants and giraffes eating leaves and mangoes and we learnt about weight and capacity weighing different fruit and becoming animals vets by comparing amounts of milk for baby elephants.
We drew some beautiful pastel pictures in the style of Edward Said Tingatinga and made some stunning animal masks. We enjoyed re-enacting Handa’s surprise and acting out our own versions of the story. We sang African songs and went on a Jungle Journey in PE, moving and playing like animals in the jungle. We compared the weather in Africa to that of Rotherham (with some jealousy) and considered the different fruit that could be grown in Africa and Britain.
We have worked so hard this term and our reading and writing has come on leaps and bounds. We cannot wait for next term’s topic it will be super! KAPOW!

This half term has been all about saving the world. We have learned and written about our favourite superheros and looked at what makes people superheroes, and we have plenty of those in real life as is being proven everyday at the moment. We focused on how we can save the world by looking after our planet. The children applied for jobs in different eco warrior roles and we thought about what things we could do to help improve our environment such as planting things and recycling. We began making posters and signs.


We drew a favourite superheroes in pastels and made superheros from cardboard tubes. We made collages with us a superheroes flying through the night sky combining our painting skills and cutting and sticking.

In PE we carried out superhero training, developing our superhero skills such as strength, speed, agility, accuracy and balance. It was fantastic and we loved it. 
Mick very kindly volunteered to come in and help us to establish a compose bin. He has promised to help us to look after it. We are now collecting our waste, such as fruit waste and putting it into the bin. It has made us think about how much we throw away and how we could re-use it. We planted seeds which are now being carefully looked after by Miss Poskitt.

Most children are now learning Phase 3 phonics and were doing really well remembering their digraphs and trigraphs


We are so terribly sad that we did not get to complete this terms learning but we are loving seeing what you are getting up to at home through Twitter and Class Dojo. Keep it up.

We look forward to seeing your lovely faces as soon as we possibly can.