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Spring Term

Spring 1


The children have enjoyed a very productive half term where they have worked extremely hard to understand new learning. Well done, Year 6!


In English, we have completed our Talk for Writing unit on discussion texts. We analysed the question: Should Christmas be Banned? After analysing the toolkit for discussion texts, we wrote a model text discussing both sides of the argument. This really did stir our opinions but we understood the importance of remaining objective. We were able to show off our writing skills with an independent piece about whether homework should be banned. Following that unit, we completed many short burst writing tasks with a focus on description and the use of precise vocabulary in preparation for next term’s learning. Watch this space!


In maths, we have been learning all about fractions. We have compared and ordered fractions, added and subtracted fractions using formal methods and perfected changing denominators to solve increasingly tricky calculations. We have been learning how to multiply and divide fractions using whole numbers, mixed numbers and improper fractions. These skills have been applied to solve reasoning problems.


Our focus this half term in Science has been Living Things and their Habitats. We have learnt about how to sort and classify living things according to their characteristics and have examined the differences between plants and animals. We researched the work of scientist Carl Linnaeus who introduced the classifying system. We then had the opportunity to complete and devise our own sorting diagrams.


In PE, we have been learning about Health and Fitness. Part of this was understanding the basic components of fitness and how our bodies change during exercise. Our second PE lesson of the week focused on invasion games which, in particular, was to understand, build and practice key skills that could be used across many sports.


Design Technology was so much fun! We have been designing and making a pop-up book that includes different structures and mechanisms based on a nursey rhyme of our choice. We have worked closely with children in Foundation Stage to find out what type of pop-up books they like. We are looking forward to sharing our books with the younger children on World Book Day in March.


In PHSE, the unit the ‘World of Drugs and Keeping Safe Online’ has been relevant and interesting to us. We have a deeper understanding of the risks attached with using the internet and social media. We have also discussed in detail the role that different drugs have play in our lives.


Our music unit has continued with Rotherham Music Service which has combined music and technology to produce an interesting but unusual soundscape.


In February, we took part in the Young Voices concert which was truly amazing. We enjoyed learning the songs and dance moves and had so much fun performing them during the concert to a huge audience. What a fantastic, memorable experience!

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