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Spring Term

Spring 2 


Spring two was as busy as ever and we have done lots of fantastic learning.


We were lucky enough to start our new History topic with a visit to Jorvik Viking Centre in York where the children learnt about the tools and weapons that would have been used during the Viking age. We also explored their pagan Gods, how they travelled and traded and about how they gained control of most of Britain.


In art we enjoyed developing our pencil skills through drawing Viking artefacts. We focused on tone, shade and line and learnt how to draw overlapping shapes, draw shadows and how to use tone and perspective to make our objects look 3D.


In maths we have spent a long time working our way through the huge fractions units. We have added, subtracted, found the difference, explored equivalence and problem solved. It has been a little tricky but we’ve had lots of fun.


In English, we became master debaters. We have used the discussion toolkit to explore writing about a variety of controversial issues such as, should we still have zoos? Or should playtimes be longer? 


It was a very exciting term for Science. Alongside learning about living things and their habitats, we also had Science week where we got to explore chemical reactions.


We have really enjoyed working with Elliott Walker from the Rotherham Minster on our singing skills. We have developed our dance skills in P.E and thought about how to look after ourselves in PSHE.

Spring 1


This half term we have been working hard on improving our writing. We have explored a suspense toolkit and written our own scary stories thinking carefully about how we add fear and suspense to it. We developed our use of dramatic fronted adverbials and thought carefully about the verbs we were using for effect. Our non fiction writing was an explanation text. We explored generalisers, connectives and sentence types to explain all about volcanoes! 


This linked nicely with our Geography learning this half term which was all about earthquakes and volcanoes. We learned how tectonic plates moving can cause changes to the earths crust, what layers make up the earth and the devastation these natural phenomenons can have on the world.


Maths has been super tricky this half term. We have delved into multiplication and division even further and looked at using formal written methods to multiply and divide three digit numbers by one digit numbers. We have explored a variety of methods to do this and thought about which is the most appropriate. The children have also been introduced to finding the area of a shape. 


This half term we started our first design and technology unit. We introduced the children to mechanisms, including levers and linkages. They used this knowledge to create a moving poster all about recycling. 


We have continued with clarinets this half term for the final time. The children have perfected some of the skills around using their clarinets.


We have really enjoyed our learning this half term and can’t wait to see the wonderful work produced in Spring 2.