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Spring Term


In literacy, we have been practising using formal and informal styles. This was mainly done through writing letters to friends but also to people we did not know. We have also been improving the use of our punctuation in writing and learning how to use more complex forms, such as colons, semi-colons and dashes. We are becoming more confident with these every day!

 As well as exploring formal and informal writing this term, we have also written detailed descriptions of the Mexican rainforest, using figurative language and other narrative techniques. We watched videos by Maya archaeologist, Dr Diane Davies to inspire our writing and imagined that we too had discovered an ancient Maya temple.


Our topic learning has continued to be around Mexico but we have now learnt about the Ancient Maya people, including where, when and how they lived. In geography, we located Ancient Maya settlements on maps and talked about the features of the land in Central America.

Towards the end of the half term, we investigated Mexican foods and even had a go at making Nachos Supreme. They were absolutely delicious but the jalapeños were very spicy!


This half term, we were lucky enough to be visited by the lovely people from the Rotherham Creative Learning Centre, who came in to teach us coding skills, using ipads. We were so good at this that they let us program drones in the school hall! What a fantastic day!

In our weekly ICT sessions, Mr Jordan has been showing us how to read and create databases using Microsoft Excel.


In our Spanish lessons, we have been learning how to say dates and times. We can also name classroom equipment and count up to 100!



This term, Miss Gallagher has been joining us on a weekly basis to teach us PSHE. With so many changes happening around us, we have been talking a lot about our feelings and what to do when we are unhappy about something. These have been very emotional sessions but we are showing real maturity and empathy and our teachers are very proud of us.

       Spring 2

A visit from a mysterious stranger has inspired this term’s learning.  When John Nevison, a highwayman, burst into our classrooms and told us tales of his epic adventures in 17th century England, we were spellbound and couldn’t wait to find out more!


This surprise visit has inspired us to write detailed descriptions of the mysterious stranger.  We have included imagery, personification and expanded noun phrases along with a range of sentence openers and sentence punctuation to make our descriptions more effective. We then carefully observed images of desolate moorlands to write atmospheric setting descriptions.


We have loved studying the poem The Highwayman written by Alfred Noyes and have been fascinated by the characters of Bess, the Highwayman and Tim the ostler.  We have written amazing pieces from different characters’ perspectives and it has been a real challenge to include authentic language from the 1600s.  Our teachers have been extremely pleased with the overall improvement in the standard of our writing.


In maths, we have continued to make progress towards our KS2 SATs tests.  We have improved our understanding of percentages, fractions and decimals, 2D and 3D shape and angles including measuring angles accurately using a protractor.


The Year 6 staff would like to thank the children for all their hard work this half term: consistently working hard in lessons; attending booster classes; and completing homework.  We are very proud of you all!