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Spring Term

In Spring 1  our topic  was Toys old and new. Year 1 were very excited about their trip to Weston Park Museum . They  had to use their observational skills to look at what materials the toys were made of and decide if they were old or new. We then chose a range of toys to display our very own toy museum. The children then made their own toys out of clay which they really enjoyed.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We used Pi Corbett to learn the toy story (1) story and them retold this in their literacy books. The children used pastels to draw their favourite characters. The children really enjoyed learning about the man who invented Lego and produced some fantastic information booklets. All of their wonderful work was shared with their adults in our class finale at the end of term.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
The children had music lessons with Mrs Whitely and learned to play a tune on the chime bars which they loved.  In PE we have used our bodies to practise static balances, lots of
team games and cosmic yoga.

We tested it which was the best material to make a waterproof coat for Barnaby Bear and explored all their different properties. We have been very busy in maths practising our counting multiples and finding half and quarters of amounts. Phonics is key in year 1 and we practise this every day.

Phew what a busy half term!