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Spring Term

Spring 1 half term was Winter Wonderland. It was a chilly start and our water tray was no exception! We froze water into ice blocks, added Arctic animals and watched the ice melt away.
We talked about what animals live in the colder parts of the world, in particular penguins. The children created their own penguin pictures by painting one of their feet black and printing it on paper. Then they added the features to make it look like a penguin. Lots of children said their foot tickled when it was being painted!
Unfortunately, we didn't get any real snow to play in, but the children were still able to build a snowman. The body parts of Olaf from Disney's Frozen was cut into pieces and the children could put the snowman in any way they chose. Olaf was in all different positions!
For our Maths learning, we looked at different sizes. The children used size language of "big", "little" or "small" and they categorised Arctic animals by their size.

We shared lots of wintry stories, lots of them about Arctic animals. The children's favourite book was 'Say Hello To The Snowy Animals' where they were repeating words and phrases.

For home learning, children made a penguin. Lockie made a family of penguins!
Some children used their cutting and sticking skills to create a wintry collage or a college of their Christmas time.

During this term, it was Chinese New Year. We acknowledged this by doing some careful painting of Chinese style writing and we tried Chinese food. Some of our boys really enjoyed enjoyed the noodles and prawn crackers.
To finish our Winter Wonderland topic, we did what is a cold day favourite, we wore our pyjamas and had a cosy day in! We made a den, read stories and enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies.


Welcome Spring 2 and to our Old MacDonald Had A Farm Topic. 

To start the term with a spring in our step, every child did an observational painting of a Daffodil. Exploring colours, they mixed yellow and blue to make green for the stem, then used yellow for the petals of the flower. 

For Science learning this half term, the children sowed a Sunflower seed. Some of the children knew what was needed to grow a Sunflower - "Soil", "Seeds", "Water", "Sun". 

We talked about the process of growing a Sunflower. "Sowing the seed, the seed growing to a seedling and then growing into a tall Sunflower." 

The children have enjoyed watching the roots growing down and the seedling growing up. 

We also made some Easter nest buns. We talked about what we would need to do to melt the chocolate from a solid to a runny liquid so we could mix it with the Rice Krispies. Maisey told us "It needs to go into the microwave to get hot." The children enjoyed mixing the melted chocolate and the Rice Krispies together. 

In Literacy, everyone has enjoyed listening to a variety of Farm animal stories. Their favourite has definitely being The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have acted out the story, using fantastic intonation, wonderful, expressive acting skills and repeating familiar phrases from the book, "Trip trap, trip trap" "I'm going to eat you up." 

Little Rabbit Foo Foo was a firm favourite too. 

The children were asked to draw their favourite farm animal, there were some really good pencil control, using lines and circles to create pictures of pigs, goats, cows and sheep. 

For our Numeracy learning, the children were using the farm animals to practise their counting skills and to give one and give two farm animals by careful counting. We had made a start in comparing numbers. Unequally dividing pigs between two children, identifying who had more. 


Before school closed, we enjoyed World Book Day. The children were able to express their favourite book character by dressing up and sharing the books the character was from. We had lots of different characters. 

During our weeks off school, lots of parents have joined ClassDojo. With this app, I have been able to send daily activities for the children to maintain their learning. It has been lovely to receive video clips, photos and comments about all the different, fun things the children have been doing. We have started to make a colour book. Each day, the children will collect and careful count 5 to 10 items of a particular colour and send photos of what they have found. We will share the book when the children move up into Foundation Stage One - Clever Kittens. 
Stephanie, Anne, Becci and Holly would like to send their best safe wishes to all the children and their families in Redscope Early Years. We hope to see you all very soon.