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Spring Term

Spring 1 half term was Winter Wonderland. It was a chilly start and our water tray was no exception! We froze water into ice blocks, added Arctic animals and watched the ice melt away.
Picture 1
We talked about what animals live in the colder parts of the world, in particular penguins. The children created their own penguin pictures by painting one of their feet black and printing it on paper. Then they added the features to make it look like a penguin. Lots of children said their foot tickled when it was being painted!
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Picture 2
Unfortunately, we didn't get any real snow to play in, but the children were still able to build a snowman. The body parts of Olaf from Disney's Frozen was cut into pieces and the children could put the snowman in any way they chose. Olaf was in all different positions!
Picture 1
For our Maths learning, we looked at different sizes. The children used size language of "big", "little" or "small" and they categorised Arctic animals by their size.

We shared lots of wintry stories, lots of them about Arctic animals. The children's favourite book was 'Say Hello To The Snowy Animals' where they were repeating words and phrases.

For home learning, children made a penguin. Lockie made a family of penguins!
Some children used their cutting and sticking skills to create a wintry collage or a college of their Christmas time.

During this term, it was Chinese New Year. We acknowledged this by doing some careful painting of Chinese style writing and we tried Chinese food. Some of our boys really enjoyed enjoyed the noodles and prawn crackers.
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Picture 2
To finish our Winter Wonderland topic, we did what is a cold day favourite, we wore our pyjamas and had a cosy day in! We made a den, read stories and enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies.
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