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Spring Term

Spring 1 has been another busy half term in Year 3! Our chocolate topic is one of our favourites and the children throw themselves into it with enthusiasm.

In literacy we have spent time writing product and character descriptions focusing on improving descriptive language features. We have introduced subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to improve our sentences structure and learnt how to use persuasive language in an advert.
In our maths, we have explored telling the time with some of us learning to the nearest minute. We have spent a lot of time on fractions. This has included finding unit and non unit fractions of amounts, finding fractions of shapes and investigating the relationship between tenths and decimals.
In our Science, we have investigated growing things. We have labelled the parts of a plant and discussed the job that they do and we have looked at how water is transported within a plant. After half term, we will be continuing this unit to investigate what a plant needs to grow well.

In our topic work we have produced a lot of design and technology work. We have designed and made our own chocolate bar, including the packaging. In geography we have explored the journey of a cocoa bean and how it is taken from the tree and turned into chocolate. We have briefly looked at the history of chocolate and how it has changed over the years.
This half term we have been learning about Pitch with Mrs Whiteley in our music sessions. The children have learnt 4 new notes and practised singing songs that match these.

During P.E we have been learning a dance routine which we happily shared with parents during the last week of half term. The children worked hard suggesting dance moves and listened carefully to ensure they were keeping in time with the beat.
We thoroughly enjoyed having Carl from the Ministry of Chocolate visit us in school where we created our own chocolate bun cases, learnt about the people in Africa who harvest the cocoa beans, took part in some role play to recreate the processes involved and learnt to use our five sense when tasting chocolate.

In Year 3 we began the second half term with an exciting challenge to find out about the Stone Age. The children used various sources to find out how different houses were built through each of the time periods. In the Paleolithic period we found out that early man sheltered from the cold in ready available caves. During the Mesolithic period we found out that early humans began hunting and gathering food and cooking meat over spits and grills. Interestingly, in the Neolithic times people began to settle, giving up their nomadic lifestyles to live in communities. After collecting this information the children wrote non-chronological reports to inform others in school. 


In mathematics we focused on money. Learning the value of each of the coins and notes, before making different amounts to buy items. Later we applied our knowledge of column addition to add two amounts and we used a number line to subtract and find change. In mental maths we continued to learn our times tables and review partitioning numbers and ordering numbers on a number line. 

In science we began to learn about rocks and how they are formed. As part of this unit we visited Creswell Craggs, where the children classified rocks and found out what they are used for. During this visit, we also learnt how to build a teepee, how fire was made and explored a cave where real early humans would have lived.
In our design and technology unit the children enjoyed designing their own clay pots, suggesting uses and resources before making and evaluating these. 
In PE the children had begun to choreograph their own dances. They showed amazing creativity in developing steps and movements to music and were looking forward to performing these to parents and others in school.