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Summer Term

Summer 1


Our Summer term 1 topic has been Vicious Vikings. We used our map skills to identify where the Vikings came from and where they settled in England and other countries around the world.


We were all very excited to go on our first visit of Year 5 to Murton Park. The children were impeccably behaved and were fantastic at representing Redscope. Whilst on the visit, we experienced life in a Viking village. We spent time in a longhouse, made, and baked bread on an open fire, which we had collected wood for. We then learnt the skills of farming and the tools used. As Vikings are crafters we made clay candleholders and as we made more than we needed we traded them for money and food. Finally, we learnt about Viking weapons used to protect the villages and used these to depend ourselves within a raid from the Anglo Saxons. The first-hand experience really helped the children understand Viking life.


After becoming very knowledgably about the Vikings, the children independently selected a Viking topic of their choice to further investigate and create a non-chronological report, choosing for themselves how they presented it.


Finally, we looked at the Viking Gods and Goddesses and focused on the myth of Thor and his stolen hammer. As a topic finale we watched the Marvel movie Thor and looked at similarities and differences between the myth and movie. 


In art, the children have been learning how to use pencil to create tone and texture. After learning about Viking longboats the children used their design skills to create a detailed drawing ensuring they included all of the features of the prow, stern and sails. The children have also learnt the skill of weaving which the Vikings were experts at.


In maths the children have finished our multiplication and division unit of work and then understood how to find equivalent fractions by simplifying and expanding and how equivalent fractions represent the same number differently. The children also learnt how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to use these in real-life contexts, using pictorial representations to demonstrate their understanding. We’ve also worked on our arithmetic skills and the children have achieved success in beating their scores each week.


Class 11 have had the amazing opportunity to gain a play leaders award this half term – the aim is to build their skills to deliver activities at break times throughout the academic year to help develop leadership skills and role models in the school. Everyone has gained the play leaders bronze certificate, and we have a huge amount of children who wish to progress to achieve their silver, gold and outstanding achievement certificate by doing further leadership activities in school.


We are looking forward to the final half term and seeing the children progress and mature as they become ready for Year 6!