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Summer Term

Summer 1 2022 – Clever Kittens


Our topic for Summer One has been ‘Sunshine and Sunflowers’. Five tiny caterpillars arrived after half term and we watched them grow and grow, eat and eat and become big and fat. The caterpillars made a cocoon around themselves and we had to wait for two weeks, before one of them nibbled its way through the cocoon and out popped a butterfly. When the caterpillars had hatched, we fed them with sugary water and flowers. We then left them for a couple of days to dry their wings and then released them outside. This experience has helped us in our ‘Talk for Writing’ to sequence the life cycle of a butterfly. We discovered how butterflies and some other insects have symmetrical patterns. Now we know what ‘symmetrical’ means. If you’re not sure what symmetrical means, then ask a Clever Kitten. The Clever Kittens have talked about and identified the patterns around them. For example: stripes on animals, designs on socks and other clothing. We created our own repeating patterns, using Duplo, cotton reels and sticks, leaves and pebbles.


We have had some amazing home learning around our topic and a Clever Kitten Grandad supervised his grandson with a hammer and other tools to construct his amazing Bug Hotel, supplied with its very own ‘vacancies’ and ‘no vacancies’ sign. In school, children made minibeast homes using 3D shapes to create them and talked about their mathematical names and properties. We used magnifying glasses to go on a minibeast hunt and explored their habitats.


This half term we have become Sunflower Experts. We have talked about the Sunflower Lifecycle and searched information on the internet and in books, and discovered that sunflowers can grow in many different colours. They can be blue, red, white, purple and pink. We wanted to each plant our own sunflower and so we have to solve two problems 1) Did we have enough plant pots for everyone and 2) Did we have enough sunflower seeds. Children gave some good ideas how we could find out this information. We planted the sunflowers and we are taking care of them in our mini-greenhouse. We are going to monitor how the sunflowers are growing by taking photographs and placing them on our own calendar. We have also been learning about the famous Artist, Vincent Van-Vogh who inspired us to paint sunflowers. The magnificent paintings are displayed in our classroom.


What a creepy crawly half term both at school and at home!