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Summer Term

Year 6 Summer 1


This term has been extremely busy so far. All our children have been working very hard in preparation for their SATs which took place in early May. The children took tests in Maths, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Impressing with their resilience and positive attitude, all children gave their very best.


Without a doubt, the highlight of this term has been the residential visit to PGL at Caythorpe where we had so much fun whilst making lifelong memories. We had many wonderful experiences: testing our head for heights on the trapeze; canoeing in the lake (and, of course, jumping in at the end!); buggy building out of barrels, rope and wooden poles; testing our accuracy with archery; and for the bravest amongst us, abseiling down an extremely high tower. Just don’t look down!


As well as these fantastic activities during the day, we even sang songs and told stories by the campfire then ate toasted marshmallows, and used our map-reading skills and knowledge of countries to complete an orienteering exercise. Making new friends and developing our social skills were very important too and we learnt by working together as a team, tasks were completed quickly and effectively. It also gave our teachers the opportunity to judge the tidiest bedroom which was not for the faint-hearted!

An excellent time was had by all and many amazing memories were made.


Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee was also important event. We wrote a biography about Queen Elizabeth II, ensuring all our language choices were formal and appropriate to the task. It was fascinating researching and learning about her early life, coronation and her royal duties. Our celebrations were topped off with a number of jubilee activities including a whole-school picnic on our school field dressed in red, white and blue!