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Summer Term

Summer Term 2nd Half


The summer term has been extremely busy and the children have worked hard to meet their learning goals. 


In numeracy, the children have completed the Power Maths scheme for Year 4. It has provided the children with many more opportunities to problem solve and challenge themselves to greater depths. We have covered time, statistics and geometry this term alongside a lot of practise of multiplication facts. The children completed their multiplication tables check with a great deal of confidence but must now remember to keep their facts bubbling ready for year 5. 


In literacy, the children have enjoyed learning about warning tales and have learnt a model text called 'The Canal'. The children loved innovating the story and came up with some very creative ideas. Over the last half term, the children have been practising words from the Year 3/4 spelling list. They have kept a record of their success in their reading diaries on page 27. Spellings must continue to be a focus at home so that they can be used in their future pieces of work with confidence. 


In PE, the children have completed their 12 weeks of swimming at Rotherham leisure centre. It has been a pleasure to see the children grow in confidence and work towards national curriculum standards. We also learnt a very important message about water safety which we have continued on in school, creating informative water safety posters. We were also really pleased to be able to take part in a sports day where parents could observe after a number of years away due to covid restrictions. The children were superstars and supported each other brilliantly. 


As part of our enterprise project, the children made butterfly sweetie bags to sell at the summer fair. Lots of skills were required in order to produce a product which people would want to buy. They were a huge success! The advertising certainly drew the buyers in and thanks to the perfectly weighed out amounts, everyone got the same quality product throughout. 


Our final history project was all about the Romans. The children have been exploring a range of sources to find out more about this group of people. They have drawn upon prior knowledge of the Celts to be able to discuss what Britain was like at the time of their invasion. The children can now discuss reasons why the Romans invaded Great Britain and can share inventions which they brought to this country. They also have a good understanding of the Roman army and can explain why they were so successful in battle. 


As we approach the end of term, the two year four classes are certainly ready for the next part of their learning journey into Year 5. This will be an excellent time to make new friends and concentrate on learning as they begin the upper key stage 2 curriculum. The staff in Year 4 have really enjoyed teaching you all and look forward to seeing how you all progress in the future. 

Summer Term 1st Half


The summer term began with an exciting introduction to Castleton. The children were shown a mystery location and spent time using their descriptive language skills to write about this place. When the children discovered that it was Castleton, they couldn't wait to visit. 


The visit to Castleton was enjoyed by all. The children experienced a walk in Derbyshire and even enjoyed an ice-cream in the village. The children have been reading a beautiful book called Blue John by Berlie Doherty and it is set in the caves which we were lucky enough to visit for ourselves. The children loved exploring the caves at Treak Cliff and found out lots of facts about Blue John. On their return to school, children have produced sketch maps in geography and persuasive leaflets in literacy.  


In science, the children have been learning about states of matter. They started by exploring a range of solids and liquids and began to identify their properties. Children then sorted out different solids and liquids. We discovered some items such as corn flour had very interesting properties... We then went on to learn about gases and watched interesting science clips of gases all around us. The children have also looked at reversible changes and made rice crispie buns to explain the process chocolate has to go through.  


Throughout the term, the children have been working hard to learn their multiplication facts. We have been part of a number of TT Rockstar tournaments and scored many points against other schools in the academy. The children continue to work hard on their multiplication skills in preparation for the MTC test next half term. 


Each Monday, the children take part in their swimming lessons. The teachers are very proud of the progress that is being made. They will continue on into the next half term where we will be learning important water safety skills.  


The children have been extremely fortunate to be working with Mr Walker who works at Rotherham Minster. He has been delivering singing lessons to the whole class and we continue to learn songs all about water and rivers which link to our topic.  


In the final week before half term, the children have been learning all about the Queen and her exciting Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The children have deigned crowns and enjoyed a special jubilee picnic.