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Summer Term

Summer 1


This half term the children have worked really hard in all areas of their learning. 


In English, we have looked at the structure of a wishing tale and used the features of an action toolkit. The children worked hard to include power of 3 action sentences into their writing, to show how characters are feeling without telling the reader and including sound effects. Our re-count focused on using the past tense consistently, exploring the 1st person and ensuring they are using a variety of connectives to join their paragraphs together.


Our maths units have been on fractions and decimals. We have explored tenths and hundredths and how these link to the decimal equivalent. We have compared these, ordered them, rounded them up and down and explored problems around these. 


For art, we have analysed the artwork of American artist, Martha Kisling. We then used her as inspiration to develop watercolour artwork. We also explored the intensity of colour. 


Science has been all about states of matter. The children have learnt about the structure of solids, liquids and gases. We have explored how materials change state and what causes this. We have also learnt about the water cycle during Science and identified the parts of it and the important role each part of the cycle plays. 

The water cycle has also linked with our Geography work around exploring these physical processes. This developed onto learning about climate change, greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect.

Linked with our Science and Geography, we have been learning songs around the water cycle and climate change with Elliott Walker from the Rotherham minster. 


We have learnt about keeping safe in PSHE while exploring risk and sensible behaviour. Our R.E has focused on belonging with links to both Christianity and Hinduism.