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Summer Term

During Summer 1, our Learning Journey has been ‘Hidden Homes’ We have been learning about the different animals that live in our local area and their habitats.


English Over the half term, the children have focused on non-chronological reports. They have learnt about the features of this non-fiction text and how to set a report out correctly using sub- headings and paragraphing. They have developed their skills as researchers by finding information and facts, using books and search engines, to include in their reports. As Readers the children have continued to develop their comprehension of the texts they read, focusing on the retrieval and inference of information.



In Maths, we have been learning the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, investigating lines of symmetry and using precise language to describe shapes. We have also been learning about length and height. Children who master the work in this unit will be able to estimate, measure and compare the lengths or heights of a range of objects using simple measuring equipment, such as rulers, a metre stick and tape measures and appropriate standard units (centimetres or metres).



Our science curriculum has focused on ‘Habitats’. We have learnt about the different habitats found directly within our local area, leading to habitats found in other parts of England and the World.


Creative Curriculum

Our creative curriculum focused on explorers. We focused our learning on the explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, their achievements and how their discoveries impacted the world. We created moon buggies as part of our design technology work on mechanisms.