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Summer Term

What a wonderful end to the year for our Year 6 children! Our final half term has been full of music, fun and excitement… and of course lots of learning.


We introduced a new history topic which was World War Two, studying how the war began and, in fact, tracing the causes back to the end of World War One. We then researched the impact of World War Two on the home front and were interested to learn how the war affected the lives of everyone in Britain through evacuation, rationing, blackouts and the Blitz, and not forgetting the Sheffield Blitz. In our maths lesson, we worked in groups to measure and weigh food items that were rationed in World War Two. By weighing and measuring for ourselves, we were surprised by how little food people had in their weekly allowance. Our topic was rounded off by a visit to Eden Camp in North Yorkshire, the site of an old Prisoner of War camp. It was fascinating to experience the sights and sounds of the war in a multisensory way and consolidated our understanding of everything we had learnt in this unit.


In PHSE, we learnt more about how bodies change during puberty for both boys and girls.


The Year 6 production of Blame it all on the Boogie was a fantastic success. Every child worked extremely hard to learn their lines, songs and dance routines and the audience thought the performance was amazing. We are so proud of the commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved.


Our year ended with an unforgettable residential visit to Crowden in the Peak District. Everyone had a brilliant time making memories and building new friendships, as well as having new experiences such as canoeing, stream scrambling, crate stacking, archery and orienteering. We even learnt important life skills like making our own bed! These are memories that will always remember. What a wonderful way to remember our time in Year 6.