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Summer Term

This term we were exploring the 'wonderful world' we live in. 


In maths we continued our work on patterns. We looked at safari animals and described if they were spotty or stripy. Our immersive learning area this term was a jungle where children could role play being on safari, dressing up as monkeys/ giraffes and zebra's and reenacting the story, Dear Zoo.


The book, Dear Zoo was our chosen text for our Talk for Writing work. Each day we built up our story sequence knowledge by acting out the story using pictures as a prompt to say the words/ carry out the actions. This enabled the children to become story tellers where they confidently stood in front of their peers and 'read' the story to the whole group. The story map was also sent home to parents so this could be shared at bedtime, giving the children the chance to read their grown up a bedtime story. 


Our love of rhymes continued with a jungle theme as the children enjoyed joining in with the song 5 little monkeys. The children enjoyed being the monkeys either jumping on the bed or swinging in the trees. We practised our subitising skills by looking to see how many monkeys we could see without counting them. 


Outside we have been developing our outside area. The children are loving their new bird hut that forest Phil built for them, quietly sitting with their binoculars, waiting patiently for the birds and squirrels to visit. The children have also loved tending to our new raised bed area. We planted flowers, tomatoes and courgettes that a lovely local resident donated to us. Every day the children ensured that they had plenty of water, especially during the recent hot spell. We were all amazed with how big our courgettes grew. 


On sports day the children in REY were introduced to team games and competitive sports. The children enjoyed exploring P.E equipment such as hoops, coits, cones and bat/ ball. The children had lots of fun whilst also developing their fine and gross motor skills.


A lovely finale to our topic and our school year was our visit to Graves Park. We all boarded the coach and set off from school with our friends, parents/carers and teachers. We explored the farm and saw all the animals. The children played at the park, fed the ducks, and enjoyed a picnic together. We explored the wonders of our world, including the unpredictability of the British weather, however the rain didn't spoil our day as we all snuggled in the barn eating biscuits and colouring in before our departure back to school.