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Summer Term

Summer 2


We started off our Wonderful World topic by changing our immersive learning area into a jungle. Here the children had the opportunity to dress up as jungle animals, make the sounds of the animals and re-create stories they had heard using props.

One of our favourite songs is '5 little Monkeys swinging in a tree'. The children practised singing familiar songs and rhymes, finishing a rhyme and counter numbers in order. They enjoyed taking it in turns being the crocodile using the puppet to 'snap' the Monkey from the tree.

As part of our wonderful world celebrations, we looked at what made us special by looking at features of our faces, notice differences between people and describe our family and what make us different. 

Whilst playing with the dinosaurs in our sand tray, we were surprised one morning to find something had laid an egg. The children thought it must have been one of the dinosaurs. We kept it nice and warm in a nest and waited in anticipation for it to crack open. At first, we were disappointed to see the egg empty until we looked on our CCTV camera to find a T-Rex exploring our room and escaping into our outside area. The children even found evidence outside of dinosaur poo and a dinosaur footprint.

On Friday 25th June we held our annual Sports Day. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day, so the fun and games had to be cancelled but luckily for us the ice cream man still came. Here we are enjoying our special treat.

Our wonderful world activities continued into our outside area. We planted some potatoes which we harvested. The children were amazed to dig in the soil and find different sized potatoes. Each child got to take a potato home. Archer and his daddy even made chips with it, consolidating and extending Archers learning about the food chain.

We have had another wonderful half term with lots of action packed, exciting and engaging activities. The older children have taken part in transitions, visiting their new classroom and meeting their new teacher. The younger children will be joined by a new group of friends in September ready for the fun to start all over again!



Summer 1


Our topic this term was 'It's a Bugs Life'.  We started off in Maths where we finished last term, looking at patterns. We noticed that a Ladybird has a spotty pattern and a Bee has a stripy pattern. We also made butterflies painting one side of the paper and folding it over to make a symmetrical pattern.






Following CPD training on 'word aware 2'. We have introduced the children to 'concept cat' who will be helping us to learn our concepts such as big, little, in, on, under,  etc. Here are the children with Concept Cat showing him the heavy cup. The children felt the weight of similar objects and had to find which one was heavy. The children were then able to apply this learning in our environment and used the word heavy to describe items that they found. 





One of our favourite texts this term as been the story of The Very Lazy Ladybird by Isobel Finn. The children enjoyed copying the actions of the different animals the lazy ladybird encountered along the way. They were delighted at the end when the lady bird learned to fly when the elephant sneezed and she flew off his truck. 


In phonics we have been trying really hard with general sound discrimination - body percussion. One of our favourite activities is Noisy Neighbour and we are getting really good at listening and remembering sounds. Nursery rhymes still feature as one of our main phonic activities and the children have enjoyed 'Incy, Wincy Spider', singing along, joining in with the actions and completing the rhyming string filling in the missing word.




To celebrate the end of our topic, on our last day of term we hosted our annual 'Ugly Bug Ball'. The children looked fantastic in their outfits,  dressed up as minibeasts. We sang and danced to the ugly bug parade and had a creepy crawly time drinking beetle juice (black-current) and eating bugs like the speckled frogs (raisin's) yum, yum!